Bring a little balance to your dinner table with B&M's portion control dinner plate

Healthy eating never looked so good

Have you made a New Year's resolution to eat healthier but don't know where to start? This B&M split portion dinner plate should make things a little easier.

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As soon as we spied this B&M split portion dinner plate on Instagram we were itching to get our hands on it. Homeware that promises to make us healthier for just £1.50? We're sold!

B&M split portion dinner plate

The B&M dinner portion plate is just the ticket to brighten up the kitchen table this January for just £1.50 a plate. Whether you are trying to teach your kids to eat more vegetables or getting to grips with your portion control, plating up a nutritious dinner has never been so easy.

split portion dinner plate

(Image credit: B&M)

Buy in-store: Split portion dinner plate, £1.50, B&M

The plate is roughly divided up based on the handy nutrition wheel we were all taught as kids (but don't always stick to.) The plate recommends half a plate of vegetables, a quarter for carbohydrates such as potato and pasta, and a quarter for protein such as salmon and eggs.

Now, confession time. Who else has been ladling a vegetable potion size of pasta and potatoes onto their plate? Just us?

The portions outlined on the plate are roughly in line with the NHS Eatwell guide. However, the plate has grouped dairy under protein. So before you start allowing yourself a quarter plate full of cheese, the NHS recommends you load only an eighth of your plate up with dairy. You can then make up the rest of the quarter with proteins such as egg, fish and chickpeas.

When the B&M dinner portion plate appeared on the brands Instagram it attracted a league of fans looking for a little balance in the New Year. The post quickly clocked up 9,823 likes and 809 comments!

'I need one of these,' wrote one Instagram user.

One fan tagged her friend, commenting 'We need one each!'

One user echoed our carb craving, joking: 'Can I swap my veg and carbs section through?!'

The plate is available in-store under the store code: 354144.

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Will you be adding a little balance do your dinner table this year with this split portion plate?

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