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  • This week's highlights include housewife's favourite Jonnie Irwin in search of a West Sussex country pile in Escape to the Country while Mel and Dom hunt down a rogue puppy trader in a brand-new series of Cowboy Traders

    Good old Jonnie Irwin. More readily associated with Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun where he jostles for attention with the luminous, leggy Jasmine Harman, in the land of the BBC’s Escape to the Country (Monday 17 June, 2.15pm, BBC One) our Jonnie gets to run the whole shebang.

    He’s such a nice young man who, it has to be said, puts a twinkle in the eyes of lady buyers of a certain age.

    In this re-run from Series 12, Jonnie heads to West Sussex with a couple in search of a country pile for a not-to-be-sneezed-at £700,000. We even see Jonnie get to grips with a mountain bike in a national park. What’s not to love?

    You could never accuse BBC stablemate Homes Under the Hammer (Tuesday 18 June, 10am, BBC One), of lacking content. My, they pack it in.

    In this one Martin (author of Teach Yourself Making Money from Property) and Lucy (who bought her Arts & Crafts Surrey pile for £1.1 million – she must have read Martin’s book) clock up the mileage, dashing hell-for-leather between a Lincolnshire house, a commercial unit in Dartford and a semi-detached in Cornwall. For goodness sake, someone make the poor dears a cuppa.

    Next to the bright and starry entity that is Location, Location, Location. While we await the next episode of Series 18 on Channel 4, savour this one from the previous series, which gets a re-run on sister channel More4 (Wednesday 19 June, 10am, More4).

    In this episode, the dynamic duo head to Nottingham where a single mum is relocating with her children; and to Derby to meet a couple who want a home that’s big enough to house all their outdoor sporting equipment (as you do). But does it deliver emotionally as well as practically, as Phil would say? Why yes, every time.

    Housetohome favourite Melinda Messenger and partner in righting wrongs Dom Littlewood blaze back onto our screens this week in Cowboy Traders (Thursday 20 June, 8pm, Channel 5).

    It’s the second series of the giving-the-cowboys-their-just-deserts show, which in previous episodes has seen the pair wrestling a bridal shop owner, lettings agent, kitchen fitter and mobility scooter salesman (yes really) to the ground (well almost).

    This week it’s a puppy trader in West Sussex. Yes, a puppy trader. Mel and Dom meet two families who have been left broken-hearted after buying pets for their children only to find that the new pets died days after purchase. Cue outrage of unimaginable proportions. Of course we’ve been up to our necks in scoundrels before on this show, but the puppy trader well and truly takes the dog biscuit.

    Back on to More4 again where sunny, smiley A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? (Friday 21 June, 5.45pm, More4) is a much gentler proposition. Ah, yes. No Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman for this one; instead it’s the turn of lovelies Luke Doonan and Laura Hamilton. They meet up with Stephen and Stuart who have £250,000 in the piggy bank and want to buy a second home, lucky them.

    But will it be the Lake District or Sitges on Spain’s Costa Dorada? More important still, which presenter gets to pack the passport? Sadly, it’s off to London Euston (change at Preston) for property expert Luke, while Laura reaches for the sun cream and a nice floral frock. Well, she was runner up on Dancing on Ice

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