Give your home a Hinch-style overhaul with Dunelm’s new housekeeping range

Never has housework been more stylish – Mrs Hinch would be so proud

There’s no getting away from it, housework is a chore (sorry Mrs Hinch, but it’s true). We’re not claiming Dunelm’s Housekeeper range turns it into any less of one, but it certainly makes it altogether easier on the eye.

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The new Dunelm cleaning range

The new dunelm cleaning range

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Buy now: Pegs storage tin, £7, Dunelm
Buy now: 
Laundry powder storage tin, £15, Dunelm

When it comes to laundry, the quicker and easier it gets done, the better in my book. I don’t know about you, but peg bags are a pet hate of mine. Hang them on the washing line and they slide away out of reach, put them down on the floor and either the fabric gets dirty or the pegs spill out… irritating to say the least.

This faff-free tin is a much more practical alternative. Not to mention it oozes beautility charm, with its simple lettering, grey shade and wooden handle. There’s a matching tin for washing powder, too, complete with a cute little scoop that hangs off the handle.

dunelm wooden airer

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Buy now: Wooden airer, £29.99, Dunelm

On rainy days, an indoor airer is essential. Ditch plastic versions in favour of this stylish wooden design. It features sturdy stainless steel bars that won't go all mouldy after multiple encounters with damp laundry. There are two height options, depending on how much washing you have to hang – or if you’re a little on the short side and struggle to reach the top, like me!

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grass storage baskets and utilities storage tin

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Buy now: Utilities storage tin, £15, Dunelm 
Buy now: Grass storage baskets, from £6, Dunelm 

No longer do your cleaning products need to be confined to the cupboard under the kitchen sink. There’s an array of easy-on-the-eye storage options available, from grass baskets and simple storage trays to stylish wire baskets, all in an array of sizes. Mix and match for a worktop display that’s as pretty as it is practical.

Buy now: Wire baskets, from £12, Dunelm

housekeeper tea towels and lambswool duster

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Buy now: Lambswool duster, £6.99, Dunelm
Buy now:
Feather duster, £7, Dunelm

From brooms and and dustpans to traditional feather dusters, the range also features a clean sweep (sorry) of brushing options. As well as super useful for clearing away cobwebs and dirt, they make for a lovely design feature when hung up on a quaker-style peg rail. We’re also big fans of the tea towels (available in packs of two; one stripe and one plain design)

Buy now: Housekeeper tea towels, £9.99 for a set of two, Dunelm;
Buy now:
Dish brush, £1.99, Dunelm

Made from a mix of cotton and linen they offer easy rustic style. Plus the washed effect means they don’t show up wear and tear – bonus.

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With such great price points, this collection is the epitome of beautility on a budget. It gets the thumbs up from us. Mrs Hinch will be so proud…