The £44 Dunelm mirror that's taking over Instagram – and our homes

This budget-friendly Dunelm mirror costs £44 but looks like £150s worth

PSA: we've spotted (and obviously purchased) this huge, statement-worthy Dunelm mirror – and we think you should too. We've been seeing it everywhere on Instagram recently so we just had to shout about it. Especially since it's currently on sale! Best suited for minimalist or modern homes, this rounded mirror boasts a slim black frame and it's bevelled to make it look triple the price. You can choose to balance this Dunelm mirror on a side or surface or hang it from a wall. In our eyes, it looks incredible either way it's displayed – and it can easily make a smaller room look ten times bigger.

The best thing about this mirror? It's a total bargain, and it could have easily come straight from the Maisons du Monde website. In fact, Habitat sell a similar mirror, the Patsy mirror which is 82cm and £150. So, this is undoubtedly a bargain. The mirror we are talking about is the Round Framed Wall Mirror in 80cm, though it also comes in a larger, 100cm size that's still only £64.

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Both of these mirrors are currently on sale right now, so this is your sign (if you need one) to score a bargain today.

Introducing this Dunelm mirror...

Where to display your fancy new mirror? We suggest popping it above a fireplace, should you be lucky enough to own one of these, if not, you could hang it in an otherwise dark spot in your home – to reflect the light from a window or door.

Alternatively, we've seen some people using this mirror in their bathroom as it's definitely sizeable enough for all of your needs, and it should make smaller bathrooms look a lot more spacious. If you have a small (or even unexisting) window in your bathroom, then this mirror should make it feel a little brighter in there, too.

You could also make use of this mirror in the middle of a gallery wall to break up your photos or prints, or it would make a lovely hallway mirror to greet guests and wave you off for work, all while making sure your breakfast isn't stuck in your teeth.

Last but definitely not least, we would definitely recommend styling this mirror in a living room. Because it's just too pretty to hide away from guests – and we think it deserves to be a focal point because it simply just oozes quality.

Buy now: Round Framed Wall Mirror 80cm, £55 £44, Dunelm

Buy now: Round Framed Wall Mirror 100cm, £80 £64, Dunelm

room with white lamp books and white wall

(Image credit: Dunelm)

This mirror comes in either 80cm or 100cm sizes, with the 80cm costing just £44 and the larger size £64. Over at Habitat, their 80cm replica is £150 – the Patsy Large Mirror. Head on over to John Lewis and you'll find the 86cm Umbra Wall Mirror for £135. Proof that what you see at Dunelm is a total bargain – as per usual.

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Just take a look at the 80cm version of this mirror in Ideal Home's Digital Editor, Tamara Kelly's attic bedroom. It opens up this space and reflects her lovely picture shelf, all while being an ideal place to check your face, style your hair or take a little selfie.

What about when it comes to hanging or displaying? Some reviewers have said they managed to hang this heavy mirror using command strips, so if you are a renter so can't drill holes into your wall, but want a similar look to Tamara's gorgeous bedroom, then rest assured you can still achieve it.

Buy now: Round Framed Wall Mirror 80cm, £55 £44, Dunelm

Buy now: Round Framed Wall Mirror 100cm, £80 £64, Dunelm

room with round mirror frame and white wall

(Image credit: @tamlovestoshop)

What if you don't want to wall mount your mirror? Or if you can't because you rent? Then just lean it against a wall– but do make sure it's secure and not planning on rolling away anytime soon.

Our Shopping Editor also has the 80cm mirror in her home, atop a radiator shelf in her living room, and she's yet to wall mount it so it's currently sitting there looking lovely while waiting for the drill to come out. This is also the darkest spot in her living room so having this mirror placed here not only reflects her bookcase, but it lets the light flood into this corner from her glass doors and walls. It's also a simple way to fill an otherwise empty space.

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room with round mirror white vase and wall

(Image credit: @anniecollyer)

In short: this Dunelm mirror is pretty versatile, and we suggest snapping it up while it's still on sale. The 80cm is a lot more popular than the 100cm version, but both are highly rated by reviewers far and wide.

The 80cm mirror has 2,000 plus reviews, with comments such as "Gorgeous mirror, really great quality. This looks so much more expensive than it was", "Stunning mirror, looks really expensive such a great piece for the price! Definitely buying another for my living room!!" and "Simple timeless design. Finishes off my hall nicely." Don't just take our word for it...

You can buy this mirror in two sizes from Dunelm. We suggest clicking and collecting yours if you live nearby a store, though they do offer delivery. We'd probably avoid heading straight into a store without the guarantee that one is in stock as these mirrors, a few months ago, were sold out completely – and for good reason.

Buy now: Round Framed Wall Mirror 80cm, £55 £44, Dunelm

Buy now: Round Framed Wall Mirror 100cm, £80 £64, Dunelm

Will you be taking advantage of these cheap mirrors and adding one to your home?

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