This trend is catching on fast! Can you guess which character’s the main attraction?

Ironically this fast moving trend sees the glacial paced Sloth decorating everything from cushions to doorstops.

First came flamingos, llamas and unicorns. Now, the somewhat unpredictable character to take centre stage is the unassuming sloth. Flying Tiger is always one to jump on a quirky new character. It’s therefore no surprise to see sloth gifts already taking over stores.

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Whether you love them or not, sloths are popping up in all the new season preview shows – confirming this is the new face set to sweep the nation.

If popping into store this week, you’ll be met with an abundance of accessories adorned with adorable sloth gifts.

Sloth gifts galore in stores…

It’s all a matter of taste. Being a huge flamingo fan myself, I can relate to having a creature crush that fills your home. If you love sloths, you will LOVE the selection of cute cuddly cushions.

In store now: Sloth cushion, £8, Flying Tiger

This is literally the first thing you’ll notice in stores! Give all your memos, invites and photos pride of place with this sweet sloth noticeboard.

In store only: Noticeboard, £7, Flying Tiger

Say cheese! Raise a smile with this characterful cushion.

In store only: Cushion, £8, Flying Tiger

Prop doors open with this cute little chap. It looks like a teddy bear, but it’s actually an incredibly helpful doorstop.

In store only: Doorstopper, £5, Flying Tiger

Light up the room with this quirky lamp. The cuddly sloth changes colour, controlled simply by touch or a sassy finger snap.

In store only: Animal Lamp, £8, Flying Tiger

Perk up your party with these colorful napkins. Our old friend the llama is also getting involved!

In store only: Pack of 20 Napkins, £1, Flying Tiger

This money box is the perfect gift for any saving-savvy sloth fans.

In store only: Sloth Money Box, £5, Flying Tiger

What Sloths do best? Hang in style, obvs!

In store only: Hanger, £1, Flying Tiger

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If you love this unlikely hero, best get yourself down to Flying Tiger ASAP. Don’t be sloth-like about it, these guys won’t hang around for long.

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