Habitat follow M&S with sofa range that kids and pets can’t spoil with stains

Future-proof your furniture with smart new fabric choices
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  • Forget scary Halloween stories, stains on a beloved three-seater sofa is the stuff of genuine nightmares. Thanks to revolutionary new Aquaclean fabrics, those nightmares could well be over.

    Using Aquaclean technology, the smart new fabrics are said to be resistant to just about every household spillage you can think of. Habitat, joining Marks and Spencer, are the latest retailer to be onboard with stocking the ingenious fabrics – upholstering their chic furniture.

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    Music to any parents ears, because they know more than anyone how difficult it is to keep fabrics pristine in a family home.

    These new upholstery fabrics can help to keep furniture pieces as perfect as the day you bought them.

    New Aquaclean fabrics now at Habitat


    Sofas, and other living room furniture staples, are investment pieces. Quite often our choices are influence/limited  by choosing fabrics that are easily tarnished by stains.

    Try as you may to protect the furniture from stains, accidents do happen. Choosing a smart fabric to combat stain potential is a move in the right direction, to prolong the life of your sofa.

    Now thanks to Habitat stocking Aquaclean fabrics there’s no compromising on style.

    Unlike other treatments, only effective on surface stains, every fibre of Aquaclean fabrics are protected by an invisible coating. Ensuring stains don’t get ingrained in the fabrics.

    Habitat are offering two different fabrics to choose from, including velvet and tweed cotton in seven different colour variants. These include a range of jewel tones, fashionable millennial pink and emerald green.

    Aquaclean fabrics


    ‘We know that parents constantly worry about sofas as they’re an investment piece for homes,’ says James Lowe, Sofa Expert at Aquaclean. ‘And with kids around they are definitely put through their paces. Aquaclean fabric takes that fear away. And means parents can relax knowing their sofa only needs a few drops of water to look brand new again.’

    How do Aquaclean fabrics work?

    This innovative fabric treatment allows you to clean stains with ease, using water only. Leaving no need for stringent stain removers and toxic chemicals – which in a family home, with kids and pets, are not ideal anyway.

    Using only water to clean provides you with simple fabric maintenance. This means minimal time and effort spent cleaning, if mishaps do happen.

    Aquaclean technology helps to remove most common household stains – including wine, ink, sauces, fat, mud and chocolate. Ruling out the potential of these disastrous stains will be sure to make life easier for all.

    Find out all your need to know by visiting Aquaclean here.

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    One shop at a time Aquaclean fabrics are eradicating reoccurring stain nightmares.

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