Could this hands-free door handle be the key to a covid-safe home?

This clever soul-ution has been designed to help combat the spread of germs
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  • This is just the kind of thing we’d expect to see on Dragons’ Den. A shoe pull door handle which lets you open doors using only your foot, helping minimise the spread of germs from touch.

    The innovative new shoe pull is the latest product from Philip Watts Design. It aims to combat the spread of Covid-19 by allowing people to enter and exit rooms without using their hands.

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    Hands-free shoe pull door handle

    Shoe pull door handle


    A startling amount of germs can collect on door handles, a fact we’ve become all too aware of since the epidemic began. So this new product is designed to reduce the risk of transfer germs, by letting people open doors with the toe of their shoe.

    ‘We find ourselves in an uncertain time,’ says the designer Philip Watts. ‘I asked myself what can we do in this situation? The first thing that can help is for us all to not touch door handles and transfer germs, so I designed the Shoe Pull.’

    “It really is very easy to use, you literally just pull the door back with your foot, and the shoe print is a visual queue to use your foot. All customers need to do is screw it in.’

    The Shoe Pull costs £36, with 20 per cent of profits being donated to the NHS during the pandemic.

    shoe pull door handle

    Image credit: Philip Watts Design

    Buy now: Shoe Pull, £36, Philip Watts Design

    Philip believes it’s a great solution that can be used across interior spaces. More than just homes it’s ideal for hospitals, restaurant and pub toilets, hotels, service stations and more.

    He concludes by describing his latest work as, ‘A ‘societally safe’ design. This innovative product is a human approach to a technical solution.’

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    Will you be going hands-free for doors in your home?


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