Lego creates every parent’s dream – the Lego slipper!

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  • Lego creates the perfect footwear to protect your tootsies from scattered building blocks

    Lego and Brand Station have paired up this Christmas to make every parent’s Lego dream come true by creating special slippers to protect feet from the deadly blocks.

    If you have ever trod on a cube of Lego, you will understand that sticking your foot into the open jaws of a Great White would have been less painful. Who knew the pain that six nibbly teeth could inflict?

    Now, a French branding agency and Danish giant Lego have teamed up to produce the perfect pairing to go with your child’s Christmas toys.

    Just like tea will never be the same without a biscuit, or Turkey without cranberry sauce, now Lego will never be the same without the slipper.

    The yellow, rectangular slippers adorned with Lego’s logo look reminiscent of the classic building block but with a spongy red insole and a chunky black sole.

    Unfortunately, only 1,500 pairs are in production and they cannot be purchased, strictly won by adding them a wish list on LEGO’s website.

    Brand Station’s Facebook page shows a short clip of the slippers being made and says: “Because your kids love LEGO, but they also love to share their passion throughout the house, this year we have designed for relatives THE ultimate gift for Christmas: LEGO slippers with a padded insole that will allow you to walk around the house without a care! #NoelLEGO2015”

    Well, we’ll be joining the kids this year when they report what they wish for from Father Christmas on Lego’s website!

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