Disney fans are bowled over by Primark's Lilo and Stitch dinnerware set

We're saying aloha to this adorable range

It's been a 17 years since quirky Disney animated drama Lilo and Stitch hit the big screen, but as news of a live action remake circulates Primark have done what they do best, launched a range perfectly timed to coincide with Lilo and Stitch fever pitch.

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For those who don't remember Lilo is a lonely Hawaiian girl who befriends Stitch — a genetic experiment escaped from an alien planet who brings chaos and caring into her life in equal measure.

disney dinnerware on wooden table

(Image credit: Primark)

And while Stitch's table manners left a lot to be desired — regurgitating a huge slice of cake and offering it up to Lilo being among his most memorable moments! — Primark's Lilo and Stitch dinner set may have been just the thing to inspire him to brush up on his etiquette.

A post of the range on Instagram has proved a huge hit, clocking up more than 130,000 likes and scores of comments including the below:

'Ohhhh my... I neeeeed these in my life!!'

'I want it for gym foods!'

'need that mug for work 😍'

'these are so cute'

Primark Lilo and Stitch

Let's take a look at what's on offer...

Primark Lilo and Stitch Mug

lilo and stitch design mug

(Image credit: Primark)

Lilo is a proverbial hot head so it seems appropriate that we'd be supping on coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more straight from it.

Buy in-store now: Lilo and Stitch Mug, £6, Primark

Primark Lilo and Stitch Dinner Set

lilo and stitch design dinner set

(Image credit: Primark)

From bowls of cereal to soup and everything in-between, this delightful dinner set will see you through from sun up to sun down. Just add your favourite cutlery set and you're good to go.

Buy in-store now: Lilo and Stitch Dinner Set, £6, Primark

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Will you snap up an item from the Primark Lilo and Stitch range?