Bathroom tile trends set to pave the way in 2020 – here’s what to look out for

Ripples predicts the biggest tile designs set to decorate bathrooms next year

Let's talk bathroom tile trends 2020. Leanne Robey and Helen Jones, Senior Designers at Ripples, reveal what's set to be big for next year. They predict the tile designs expected to hit the walls and floors of every bathroom across the nation over the coming year.

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Will metro tiles still be as popular? Or geometrics shaping up our bathroom decors? Without further ado, let's find out what we should be looking out for...

1.Be brave and bold

bathroom tile design with bottle

(Image credit: Ripples)

'Tiles are becoming increasingly bold' explains Leanne. 'We’re talking contrasting colours to make a statement behind your basin, in your shower or splashed across the floor. I believe we are going to see a total switch over in colour choices as more people are less afraid to really go for it with a larger percentage of homeowners looking to improve, not move.'

2. Plan new layouts

bathroom tiles with black basin

(Image credit: Ripples)

Metro tiles are still a hero, but they are taking on a new layout for 2020. 'Putting a spin on the metro tile is a big trend, it’s just so versa-tile!', exclaims Helen. 'We are seeing a variety of basket-weave layouts, 45-degree herringbone and vertical patterns that feel modern and fresh!' Take the classic metro tile in a new direction to stay on-trend for next year.

3. Champion geometrics

bathroom tile designs and accessories on wooden table

(Image credit: Ripples)

These playful patterns are set to becoming even more fashionable in bathrooms over the coming years.

'Stripes, stars and hexagons are just a hint at some of the geometric shapes you can embrace in this trend', states Helen. 'The geometric style works fantastically in a modern or traditional home and can give a bathroom personality yet remain in keeping with the style of the property.'

4. Optimum spacing

bathroom with bathroom tub and grey cloth

(Image credit: Ripples)

'Opt for a large format tile to accentuate your space,' Leanne advises 'Your space should never limit your tile options. Whether you choose a concrete texture or a marble finish, large tiles can really open up the space and with fewer grout lines these are an attractive option for showers and wetrooms!'.

And there you have it, the tiles to know if you're embarking on a bathroom transformation.

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Which bathroom tile trend do you favour the most?


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