Top 10 bathroom trends on Instagram revealed – these are most 'liked' designs

New research reveals what we'd like most for our homes

A quick scroll through Instagram can reveal a world of inspiration for our homes, especially bathrooms – where we might need more food for thought. New research from Harvey Water Softeners has revealed the top 10 bathroom interior design trends on social media.

The top 50 posts from over 3.3 million images across five hashtags were analysed to see which interior design features appeared most frequently in each individual post.

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The findings also revealed how many likes each design feature generates in an average post.

Let's take a look at what's trending...

In order of frequency in top posts, these were found to be the biggest bathroom trends right now

1. Pure white tiles

bathroom white tiles and wall with potted plants and iron racks

(Image credit: @one.3.three)

Despite homeowners growing in confidence to use colour in the bathroom, the classic clean aesthetic of white tiles came out as number one.

More and more people are embracing colour in their bathrooms, so it's surprising to still see white tiles so prominently on Instagram.

2. Dual sinks

bathroom with white walls black cabinet with wash basin with large mirror on wall and towel and images

(Image credit: Suburbanhomestyle)

Winning when you're twinning. The his and her/her and her/ his and his/ sinks are hugely popular.

3. Hanging plants

white walls with mosaic tiles and potted plants with money plant

(Image credit: tropical_plant_addict)

The Devils Ivy hanging plant swings in at number 3, sorry couldn't resist the pun.

4. Free-standing baths

Seems showers are not entirely replacing baths in every bathroom, as Freestanding oval baths prove a hit.

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white bathroom with bathtub and brick shaped tiles on wall with large mirror and potted plants

(Image credit: devondevon_official)

Pattern is becoming more and more present in the modern bathroom. Geometric tiles

6. Circular mirrors

white bathroom with grey cabinet and white wash basin with large mirror

(Image credit: newbuildanddesign)

Clearly mirrors of the round variety are the fairest of them all.

7. Rainfall showers

Once only a thing of spas, the rainfall shower is now in many a modern home. This indulgent features is becoming hugely popular in our own bathrooms.

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bathroom white wall with white wash basin and large mirror on wall with flower pot

(Image credit: triciavaughn)

Forget chrome, that came way down the list. The modern fixtures and fittings of choice are gold – which we see more and more paired with brooding dark wall colours to really set them off.

9. Black taps

bathroom with shower and mirror on wall with glass partition with black frame bulb and faucet

(Image credit: alickofpaint)

Black is the new staple bathroom colour. As homeowners grow more confident with colour, and no longer only furnish a bathroom with re-sale in mind, black has become more widely available in bathroom designs.

10. In-shower recessed shelves

bathroom with white tiles shower and faucet

(Image credit: charliescottageludlow)

Practical and stylish, no wonder this idea is so popular.

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Bathrooms are a huge investment. And whether we want them looking perfect for visitors in real life, or those viewing our home through on Instagram, it’s important we keep them spotless.’says Martin Hurworth, MD at Harvey Water Softeners.

‘With the trend of black bathroom suites growing year-on-year, we know how irritating white limescale buildup can be for homeowners. Having a water softener removes this problem by eliminating the minerals which cause limescale.'

'All Instagram trends from the geometric tiles, gold taps and rainfall showers will benefit from soft water – even if it’s something as simple as keeping that deluxe black-framed shower door streak-free for longer.’


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