Pinterest reveals that this is the most searched for colour for homes right now!

Inspired by nature, this soothing shade is proving the most popular on Pinterest
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  • Green is the shade of the season. While we’re seeing a fashion trend for olive green and forest green for kitchens, calmer shades of sage green are rising in the popularity stakes across interiors generally.

    Pinterest has seen a 105 per cent increase in searches for ‘sage green’ interiors in the UK, year-on-year.

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    From paint colours to home accessories, the hue is one to watch for next season. ‘Soothing shades such as sage green, with its comforting warm and serene undertones, is scientifically proven to help people feel calm’ explains Sue Kim, senior colour designer at Valspar.

    Sage Green interiors trend

    sage green bedroom

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    ‘Earthy sage shades are beautifully complemented with cream tones and pale wood. Which will allow this soft green to bring warmth into any interior space,’ explains Valspar’s Sue Kim. ‘If you want something a little more dramatic, consider introducing varying fabrics. Add black or dark green accessories to make it really pop.’

    A soothing green shade is well suited to a bedroom, to create a comforting haven for slumber.

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    sage green walls

    Image credit: Valspar

    The trend for ‘Sage interiors’ and accessories is cemented by the volume of pinners seeking the term.

    ‘We’re making it easier to shop anywhere on Pinterest’, explains a Pinterest spokesperson. ‘Every Pin can be a starting point for buying the products to bring your favourite interior styles to life.’

    ‘If you’re like many Pinterest users this season, sage green is the dash of colour you’re craving, now you can shop for the ideas you discover right on a Pin. From your board, from search, or the shop tab on Lens camera.’

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    Pinterest trends are calculated using normalized searches from August 2019 to August 2020.

    Are you a fan of soothing sage green?

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