Hotel Chocolat has launched a coffee machine ahead of Black Friday – and it’s on sale

Hotel Chocolat is elevating your morning coffee, and this Black Friday coffee machine deal isn't one to miss
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  • Hotel Chocolat has launched its very first coffee machine ‘The Podster’ on QVC ahead of Black Friday. If you’re looking to snap up the next big coffee machine, QVC is offering an amazing pre-launch deal.

    The new Hotel Chocolat coffee machine marks the latest step in the chocolate powerhouse elevating our hot drinks at home. The best part? It’s even on sale right now, with almost £40 off its price tag. Plus, it comes with 10 Dualit capsules included in the price tag.

    Hotel Chocolat Coffee Machine – The Podster

    First came the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, a hot chocolate machine created with Dualit that promises the silkiest chocolate drink of your life. Now, The Podster is taking on the best coffee machines just before Black Friday, to elevate your morning cup of java.

    Hotel Chocolat coffee machine

    Image credit: Hotel Chocolat / QVC

    The Podstar has been designed by Dualit to sit alongside the Velvetiser. The coffee machine has a sleek matt finish with rose gold detailing and is compatible with Hotel Chocolat’s sustainable coffee pods, and Nespresso pods.

    It might seem a little rogue for a chocolate brand to be branching out into the world of coffee, however, the brand has already made moves in the coffee world with its range of pods. However, the feature that really makes this machine stand out from over models is the ‘Podcyler.’

    Hotel Chocolat coffee pod recyclerr

    Image credit: Hotel Chocolat / QVC

    The Podcyler is a gadget that comes with every machine. It is designed to make it easier to recycle the coffee pads at home by eco-pressing the pods after use.

    By eco-pressing the pods completely, it removes all the coffee grounds, so that the empty aluminium case can go straight into the household recycling. You can then even use the coffee grounds to enrich your garden or hot compost them.

    Hotel chocolate coffee machine with white mug

    Image credit: Hotel Chocolat / QVC

    The Podster is launching exclusively on QVC today at a special offer price of £129.96. Kate James, Director of Home Merchandising at QVC UK, is already predicting that it is going to be a huge hit with customers following the success of the Velvetiser.

    Hotel Chocolat The Podster | Was £168, Now £129.96, QVC
    Save 23 per cent on the brand new Hotel Chocolat coffee machine at QVC. The set includes two packets of Hotel Chocolat Rabot Estate coffee capsules which have a shelf life of three months upon delivery. Thanks, Black Friday!
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    ‘We’re really excited to partner with Hotel Chocolat to exclusively launch their new coffee system, The Podster,’ she says.

    ‘The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser that was also engineered by Dualit has been a very popular product for us at QVC, just last year we sold more than 20,000 in less than 24 hours. We think The Podster will be a popular product.’

    We can only dream of how good a mocha this hot drink dream team could make.

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