Support International Women’s Day and buy a The White Company candle – they’re donating £5 from every sale to charity

Every The White Company candle bought from now until the 9th March sees them donate £5 to a women's charity...
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  • Hoping to celebrate International Women’s Day on the 9th of March but not sure how to do so from home? When you buy one of The White Company’s candles today, they will donate to a women’s charity for you. This female-owned brand is celebrating International Women’s Day from the 5th to the 9th of March by donating £5 from every candle sold on their website, to The Prince’s Trust. As part of their #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign, all you need to do is buy a candle from The White Company and the rest is done for you. As you will already know, The White Company’s candles are all filled in the UK using high-quality mineral wax. They give an even burn, and they last for a good while in your home.

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    The Prince’s Trust, with your donation from The White Company, can help women with issues such as domestic violence, long-term unemployment, bullying, the challenges of single parenthood, homelessness, or simply a lack of emotional support at home.

    “This year, a shocking statistic at the beginning of the pandemic was 78% of the job losses were women. And now, a year later, an estimated 1.5 million young women have lost income since the coronavirus pandemic began. To add to this, 60% of young women are fearful for their future – with more than half saying finding a job now seems impossible. Therefore, for the vulnerable young women who reach out to The Prince’s Trust, life is now harder than ever before” – Chrissie Rucker OBE, Founder, The White Company.

    We’ve listed our favourite The White Company candles below, just in case you want to get involved – and if you want to treat yourself to a lovely new candle. From Seychelles to Spring, here’s what to spend your money on…

    The White Company Candles – our top 4

    1. The White Company Spring Candle – for every room in your home

    The White Company Spring Candle

    Image credit: The White Company

    Spring is on its way, and what better to remind you of this than a lovely limited-edition candle? The White Company’s Spring candle is fresh and fragrant – just like a spring morning. It’s floral with notes of Honeysuckle, Rose and Cut Grass, and it should burn in your home for approximately 33 hours. Pop it in your hallway to greet you (and your guests very soon) and this candle will flood your rooms with fragrance. It’s also poured inside their new ribbed vessel.

    Buy now: Spring Candle, £20, The White Company

    2. The White Company Seychelles Candle – for your living room

    The White Company Seychelles Candle

    Image credit: The White Company

    We own and love this candle – not just because it looks lovely in our living room. It smells divine, even without lighting it, and it’s so fresh. With notes of Bergamot, Amber and Vanilla, it’s the perfect balance between soothing and scented, and it’ll make your home smell very lovely before guests arrive. In fact, the smell should flood through every room in your home, subtly, and it even has notes of fresh coconut making it perfect for lighting in warmer weather. As with all The White Company candles, this one should burn for approximately 33 hours.

    Buy now: Seychelles Candle, The White Company, £20

    3. The White Company Lime & Bay Signature Candle – for your kitchen

    The White Company Lime & Bay Signature Candle

    Image credit: The White Company

    The fresh scent of The White Company’s Lime & Bay candle would go perfectly in your kitchen or kitchen-diner. It’s citrus-based with notes of Lime, Blossom and Orange, so it’ll be sure to mask smells after you’ve been cooking up a storm. The scents this candle gives off are not benign to a kitchen – there are deep notes of bay leaves, ginger and lemon which makes this candle very fitting for the place you cook dinner (or eat it). It’s also lovely for burning in the warmer months as it’s very fresh and vibrant. There’s a 33 hour burn time, too, so you needn’t worry about lighting it for long amounts of time.

    Buy now: Lime & Bay Signature Candle, £20 at The White Company

    4. The White Company Sleep Candle – for bedrooms

    Sleep Candle

    Image credit: The White Company

    It goes without us saying that The White Company’s Sleep candle is the candle for your bedroom. Burn it for a calming scent of Lavender, Clary Sage and Chamomile – just before bedtime is the best time to light this candle. This herbal concoction is not only calming, but it’s natural and it smells it, too. With other notes of cedarwood and vetivert, it screams (whispers) luxury. And, this would also make a lovely gift for someone who you know is struggling to sleep in these times. Especially since it has a burn time of 33 hours.

    Buy now: Sleep Candle, £20, The White Company

    Will you be spending your money on a The White Company Candle from now until the 9th of March, to donate £5 to a worthy cause? We hope so!

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