The unusual door trend that’s sweeping social media

Instagram is filled with colourful doors but this new trend is focusing on a particular part

So far, 2020 has brought us a lot of paint trends — first came painted floorboards, then painted ceilings and now we are turning our attention to door frames.

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It seems these colourful frames are the latest trend sweeping Instagram. Over the years we’ve seen colour blocking, feature walls and brightly coloured doors, but this new phenomenon focuses solely on the humble frame.

We can see why it's so popular. It's a great way to add interest and colour to a space, without undergoing a complete interior overhaul.

As such a small part of a room, there’s the option to repaint or change it every once in a while — so you can experiment with different colours and designs. It's also ideal for injecting colour into a space, in a minimalist fashion.

The trend is already taking off on Instagram. Blogger shared how she used the trend in her house in Scotland, by adding a vibrant yellow shade to her grey-toned room.

Those feeling a little braver can opt for a creative pattern which bleeds out onto the wall — like London-based designers 2lgstudio. Their Instagram page showcases their bright pink door frame with scalloped edges, which protrudes onto the surrounding walls.

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Anyone looking to dip their toe in the trend can test out more neutral shades, like grey and cream — especially with a room that's all-white. Architect Emil Dervish shared on her Instagram a simple yet effective way to get involved with the trend for those who are more colour-shy.

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The trend extends to doorways, too. Many interior designers are showcasing their imaginative looks on Instagram — like Paris-based creative Pierre Yovanovitch, who extended his yellow design onto the doorway walls.

The important thing to remember is that painted edges essentially frame a door. So, if you have a colourful door already, painting the frame a simpler colour (like white) will help to highlight it.

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Much like the other paint trends we've seen this year, there's room for lots of experimentation — so don't hold back!