Vintage Bovril jars spark eBay bidding wars as fans hunt down the unlikely decor piece

Now this is a trend none of us could have predicted
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  • Whether you love a maximalist, cottagecore style or prefer neutrals, at least one vintage decor piece is a must in any room. Now, thrifty homeowners are entering eBay bidding wars over an unexpected retro household item: the Bovril jar.

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    We didn’t see it coming either. But, eBayers are particularly taken by the old, brown glass jars, which can be used to display a few small flowers.

    vintage bovril jar

    Image credit: AskTheMagpie on Etsy

    Just to be clear, we’re talking about the prettier ones that came before the kind you might actually have in your kitchen cupboard with the red plastic lid.

    An item that, years ago, was simply an ordinary part of the grocery shop, is now becoming a coveted decor accessory. Some listings for the antique amber jars from the 1900s are even selling for as much as £60 for a collection on eBay.

    vintage bovril jar

    Image credit: ZebraHomeware on Etsy

    We asked interior designer Steph Briggs what she makes of the trend. ‘Vintage glass jars and bottles are a fabulous way to add a bespoke touch to your home,’ she says.

    ‘They make ideal posy vases and work particularly well with the current dried flower trend.

    ‘I adore a good vintage find; it’s a fab way to reuse and reduce consumption and create a unique home,’ Steph adds. ‘After the past year we are all craving a little reassurance.

    Image credit: ZebraHomeware on Etsy

    ‘By looking to treasures that remind us of days gone by it’s a way to bring this into your interior styling.’

    We agree that the Bovril jar obsession speaks to a broader movement that’s seen us lean towards nostalgic pieces that remind us of what felt like simpler times.

    It’s much like the frilly, print-on-print cottagecore and grandmillennial trends taking over our Instagram.

    vintage bovril jar

    Image credit: AskTheMagpie on Etsy

    So, it’s fair to say people haven’t gone totally mad, they’re just loving characterful items that tell a story. In a similar vein, Etsy notes a 30% increase in searches on its website for vintage kitchen items within the home and living category in the last three months (compared to the same time the previous year).

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    Bovril – staple British spread or decorative item? Well, we think few flowers cut from the garden displayed in a cute little jar is a lovely way to bring a vintage feel to your coffee table.

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