Welcome to Nevernever land (where money grows on trees): inside the insanely expensive first birthday party that cost £70,000!

The parents of one-year old twins have thrown an outrageously expensive party for their first birthday. The lavish event in London, devised by Elton John's party planner, featured a fake ship, giant toadstools and a Mad Hatter's tea party reception

Planning a big bash for your baby’s first birthday? Expensive,

Well one (incredibly wealthy) couple stretched their budget
to a staggering £70,000 to throw the party of a lifetime for their twin
children. Let’s, um, hope they remember!

The outrageous budget went on an extravagant Peter Pan
and Alice in Wonderland-themed birthday bash for the couple’s
one-year-old twins, which included a Mad Hatter’s tea party
and guests’ very own Nevernever Land.

While most of us mere mortals are happy enough to be presented with a cake, this birthday bash was months in the planning.

Devised by party
planner to the stars Steven Duggan (a friend of Louis Walsh), the event
featured a huge marquee, giant toadstools and flamingos, a pirate ship – with accompanying bar where patrons have to ‘walk the plank’ – and a host of actors dressed up as characters from the famous children’s novels.

Speaking about the event, Steven Duggan said: ‘This joint Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland party in London needed to re-create the magical scenes for all the guests… We wanted to blow the children away (and parents).’

And he certainly did that – although it probably blew a fair chunk out of their bank balance, too!

This isn’t the first time Steven has shown off his entertaining skills. The 29-year old is well established in the events industry.

After arriving in London from Ireland, he used contacts from best pal Louis Walsh to build up a client list that now includes Sir Elton John, Adele and Leona Lewis to name but a few.

Before you roll your eyes at
the outrageous extravagence of this party, remember that there have been plenty more
outlandish and costly get-togethers held by the uber rich.

Remember Simon
Cowell’s 50th bash in 2009? He spent £70,000 on the marquee alone.

And cast
your mind back to 1996, when the Sultan of Brunei threw a
two-week long, £16 million shindig for his birthday that included a
polo match with Prince Charles, a 3,000-guest dinner party at the
Sultan’s palace and a concert by Michael Jackson.

Phew! And we find it
difficult enough to organise a drinks party in our garden.

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