What your pillow arrangement says about you, according to a psychologist

We cannot get on board with 'the mix up'

It turns out your pillow (opens in new tab) arrangement on your bed can be linked to your personality traits. Whether you're creative, organised, or the one that's always late - here’s how your pillow situation reflects your character.

Memory Foam Pillows (opens in new tab) has listed the top pillow arrangements, from decorative pillows piled high to a single accent cushion - or a totally ad hoc approach. Environmental psychologist Lee Chambers shares how they reveal what makes us tick.

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The Classic

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You add perfectly placed accent cushions, which you never actually sleep on. 

This positioning ‘confers a strong sense of tradition and someone who is very moral,’ says Lee Chambers. ‘Classic’ pillow arrangers can be reluctant to try something new, but are 'likely to be reliable and dependable even in a crisis'.

On The Up 

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After getting out of bed in the morning, you prop your pillows up straight. Then, at night, you lie them flat again. 

If you go for this arrangement, you’re a ‘true lover of uniformity and ritual,’ says Lee. ‘This eye for detail makes them skilled at analysis, but more likely to think in black and white.’

The Descend

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You organise your pillows from large to small.

‘The sense order in descending pillows is reassuring to those who like conformity and balance,’ reveals Lee. ‘They will enjoy having clear boundaries and structure in life, and have a competitive streak.’

The Mix Up

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You arrange your pillows half-up, half-down. You may even like to place your partner’s pillow one way and yours the other. 

‘There is always one to break the status quo, and the mixer loves that variety in life.' Those that choose 'the mix up' are likely to enjoy a bit of chaos and entertainment, while being generous in nature. Plus, they find joy in creative pursuits but are probably one of the least punctual of the group.’

No pillow arrangement

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Simply, you don’t care where your pillows are placed and symmetry is not important to you.

If you have no pillow arrangement, it reflects ‘practicality and efficiency. ‘The person is likely to be individualistic, with a strong sense of self, not being swayed by trends or fashion.' Those with no arrangement can also be 'minimalistic' and prefer experienced-based pleasures.

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So whether you have a more-the-merrier approach or don’t give your pillows a second thought, it gives more away than we might have thought.

Millie Hurst
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