Homesetc: Donna Ida Thornton’s colourful Berkshire home

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  • Prepare to be inspired by Donna Ida Thornton’s Berkshire home which mixes colourful accessories with canny finds.

    “We bought this house 10 years ago – it was originally an Indian restaurant and my husband said ‘lets make it into a home’ – it’s on 3 acres of beautiful land so we decided to turn it into a house.” Says Donna explaining how they transformed the property during a two-year renovation.
    “My inspiration for the house is based on the way I like to live, I like to have fun, I work in retail and I like to have retail-type spaces. The bathroom is like an apothecary, the dressing room is like a shop. In the kitchen I even have a cake area.”

    Mary Weaver, Livingetc: “We chose this house because Donna’s aesthetic is very Livingetc. We love the style – it’s quirky, girly, it’s a white shell with pops of colour with a slightly tropical feel.”

    Donna moved to the UK from Down Under in 1999 “I wanted to achieve a sense of space, being from Australia and after living in London a long time, I wanted to spread out and feel like I had room to breathe.”

    Explaining her favourite design features, Donna said “I love the pink sofa which is a feature in the living room. I also love the way the kitchen is designed.”

    “Good lighting, good quality paint and nice floorboards are important. In the kitchen, for example, we spent a lot of money on the marble, but the kitchen cabinets are not hugely expensive. In some areas you can be economical and in some areas it’s best to spend money. Mixing it up is important.”

    Summing up the quirky individuality of the house, Mary from Livingetc said: “Another great accessory is Coolio, he’s the coolest Chihuahua we’ve ever seen!”

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