Homesetc: Wander through this eclectic London home

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  • Join Livingetc as they take a wander through interior designer Jo Berryman’s home in West London.

    “I’m obsessed with The Sopranos”, says Jo “Especially Carmela – she was my muse when I thought about putting the kitchen together. I often thought ‘what would Carmela do if she lived in NW3’.

    “I like a jewelled accent, so I wanted to use gold. I was very clear about using gold paneling as a splash back so I worked with designer, Dominic Schuster to create these beautiful, slightly aged gold panels with a beveled edge.”

    Mary Weaver, Houses Editor, Livingetc: “I love Jo Berryman’s style. This is the third house of hers I’ve photographed and I’ve seen her style develop over the years. Though she is an interior designer, she never designs by numbers, it’s all organic, from the heart and it’s developing over time.”

    Jo explains; “I bought the house in 2008. Initially I was drawn to the light and the fact it is not overlooked except for a little church hall that is positioned right at the back of the garden. It’s totally beautiful, sometimes in the afternoon you can hear the tinkling of a piano and hear the girl’s practicing their ballet steps.”

    “Initially when I first bought the property it was mainly just a decorative overhaul, but recently I decided to change the property structurally and also because of my expanding family I decided to extend.”

    ” I worked with a great architect Takero Shimazaki, he has that wonderful Japanese sensibility where he is able to extract as much space as possible from quirky nooks and crannies.”

    “I wanted complete containment, but also openness. It’s a kind of paradoxical, because we live on a subterranean level. I wanted to create the opposite of that by building upwards and creating a space that felt almost like a tree house.”

    “It’s an arduous process, but it’s been really enjoyable. Now the house feels like mine and I think it will age well over time.”

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