Open House: Tour an urban luxe home in London

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  • Looking at this urban luxe space, it’s not surprising to hear that the owner’s day job is running a fashion empire. Bold sweeps of drama and an eye for detail are clearly stitched into his east London terrace home.

    This sideboard detail is in the main living area. The unit was designed by the owner and custom built in collaboration with his architect. The gold artwork was inspired by a jewellery designer and the Audrey Hepburn painting is cleverly made up of words from her autobiography

    ‘I wanted a kind of chateau feel,’ says the owner hence the Louis XV (Fifteenth) fireplace which was custom made with matching ones in the bathroom and the other end of the living room. There is an ‘animal’ theme running throughout the house, reflected also in the stags’ head chandeliers which are 1930s Belgian. ‘I found them on the Internet and went and met the seller in a parking lot,’ says the owner’ I took one look and said, those are mine. A few years later I went back and got a few more’.

    Even in the hall the owner has gone for multiple chandeliers rather than just one. Also part of his signature style is extremely good looking faux flowers and plants dotted around the house – like these on the console. ‘People are shocked – if I decide to tell them.’

    This part of the living room faces the street at the opposite end to the kitchen ‘When we entertain we open up the entire space. We love entertaining and having parties. Here, I love the masculine/ feminine thing,’ says the owner. ‘I call it masculine glamour’.

    The kitchen is at one end of the double living room, with French doors that open onto a paved garden (and with inbuilt electronic blinds that exactly match the grey of the woodwork). The zebra is called Matilda; the owner bought her from a taxidermist down the road. ‘I used to drive past it every day and one day I decided I was going to have a zebra’s head. The owner was a character, very nice but a little strange and I tried to bargain with him but he would not give me a deal. So I just bought her’.

    The owner designed the kitchen island and units and they were made bespoke. ‘I insisted on everything being tucked away. I didn’t want to see the oven, the coffee machine or the tea station. I designed this cupboard for glasses and a drawer just for Nespresso which is too fantastic’.

    On the landing above the kitchen, the reclaimed driftwood flooring featured throughout the house runs up the wall here, leading toward the upper floors.

    ‘This bath, in the master en suite, is the most expensive item that we bought for the house,’ says the owner. ‘It was extraordinary, don’t even ask. But it was so worth it, it’s so beautiful, and the feel is so wonderful. It’s not cold in the winter and it feels so smooth’.

    ‘I always wanted a four-poster bed in the middle of the room with a chandelier above it but I never had the space to do it until we moved here,’ says the owner of the master bedroom. The ceiling cornicing was remoulded and based on what was originally downstairs in the house. The final touch is that the owner’s two dogs sleep either side of the bed – they alternate.

    The shower area, just seen on the left, leads to the walk-in wardrobe. Throughout the house, at every turn, are pieces of amusing or cool art.

    Everything in the wardrobe is rigidly colour coordinated. The owner designed the wardrobe interior, which was custom made (and there is a place for everything – even his sunglasses) and he and his partner share the clothes. ‘We are very lucky that we are exactly the same size,’ he says. ‘We share everything but shoes and handbags, though I do get a little protective over new things, especially when the new season’s ranges arrive!

    The guest bedroom is one of the first rooms that the owner renovated. ‘There’s more of a French influence here – on the top floor – than the rest of the house,’ he says. The stags’ heads above the bath become a recurring theme in the house.

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