Calming colours: how to decorate for easy living

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  • Colour has the power to change and influence your mood from energising and happy tones to productive and energising brights or, as in this case, soothing and tranquil tones. To create peace and harmony in your home, choose your colours wisely. The trick is to blend the calming colours you like into a pleasing combination to create a cool, calm space that can turn your home into total haven for easy living. A calm and amicable home doesn’t have to be bland and monotonous, there are many combinations from the colour wheel that can create harmony and peace in every room what ever your taste and personality.

    Probably the most common easy living colours are the ever popular neutrals; the basic and easy backdrop to every decorator’s tool kit. All-neutral schemes fall in and out of fashion, but their value lies in their flexibility: leave alone for super easy living or add gentle accent colours to add depth and interest which can then be easily changed and updated. If you love feeling close to nature, the natural colour palette and textures that are key to calming room schemes will sooth your soul. Perfect for fresh summer style it also easily translates into a winter look with the addition of cosier fabrics.

    For the ultimate tranquil yet refreshing scheme stick to soft-white tones. Avoid modern stark whites and instead go for faded tones to evoke a soft and cooling feel. Team casual upholstery and whitewashed furniture with cosy textures, then add depth using accessories made from natural fibres such as hessian and wood.

    Or bring a more wistful feel to your calming scheme using colours and textures of a stormy seascape as inspiration: subtle pebble shades of pale grey, sand and stone; the rough warmth of weathered wood and warm linen and fresh hues of sea, sky and cloud, then finish with the delicate beauty of pearlescent shells.

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