Aldi's new £6.99 handheld fan is a must for staying cool on a budget – and it's in stores now

Keep cool without breaking the bank

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Aldi is selling a handheld fan to help you beat the heat this summer – the best part? It'll only set you back £6.99 and is available in stores right now.

We'd be lying if we said we haven't been feeling the heat this week, with temperatures across the UK reaching as high as 30°C over the past few days. If like us, you're turning to the aid of your best fan to stay cool in the heatwave, you'll be pleased to know that this cooling comfort isn't something that needs to be confined to the four walls of your home.

A handheld fan is ideal for when you're on the go – whether on stifling public transport, in the car, or even at the office – and Aldi's offering with a super affordable £6.99 price tag easily makes the deal all the sweeter.

Aldi handheld fan

The Ambiano Handheld Portable Fan is available to buy in Aldi stores right now, offering shoppers the choice between either a black or white colourway to suit their personal style.

The handheld fan is equipped with three fan speeds for maximum comfort, a USB-C charging cable, and even a detachable base that allows for the fan to be used as a desk fan. This versatility means you can prop it up on your desk as part of your summer WFH set-up or leave it bedside to keep your bedroom cool when it's too hot to sleep at night.

Better yet, it's also super compact and foldable, making it the perfect device to store away in even the smallest of bags. And, for those of you heading off to festivals and trips this summer, Aldi's handheld fan even includes an integrated power bank if you're in a pinch.

If there's anything you should know about the Ideal Home team, it's that we're extremely partial to a portable fan and will continually sing their praises – the sellout John Lewis handheld fan, specifically.

John Lewis' version is easily our heatwave must-have, available in a range of fun colourways and can also be used handheld for on the go or propped up on a surface when you reach your destination. At its £12 price point, it's hard to fault.

Green handheld fan

The John Lewis & Partners handheld & foldable desk fan in Sage.

(Image credit: Future / Rebecca Knight)

Considering Aldi's handheld fan comes with an even cheaper price tag of just £6.99, we're tempted to say the same sentiment can be applied to it being a budget-friendly must for the summer months. Following the success of the Aldi bladeless fan, we reckon this handheld version will also be a hit among shoppers.

If you don't live near an Aldi (or have arrived late to find they've already sold out everywhere), here are some alternative handheld fans to consider picking up, including our editor-approved John Lewis fan we love so dearly.

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Best believe you won't catch us without a handheld fan on us at all times this summer.

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