The Amazon boucle chair that has all our editors talking - it's a steal

The trend doesn't show signs of slowing down

Amazon boucle chair in living room with blanket on it
(Image credit: Amazon)

It's no secret that we're avid boucle fans at Ideal Home. Most of the team have it dotted around their homes in both accessories and furniture, so we were thrilled to see that Amazon has followed suit with a bang-on-trend boucle tub chair, that comes at an appealingly low price.

Boucle has progressed beyond a simple flash-in-the-pan home decor trend, and can be found on many people's interior mood boards. It offers the ultimate quiet luxury look and is an easy way to add texture to neutral decor without committing to pattern or colour. It's trendy but also feels timeless, making it a great way to update your bedroom decor or add in a current living room trend.

So you can imagine our delight when we spotted this Amazon boucle chair during our Prime Day scrolling. It has the quintessential teddy bear look destined for curling up with a book (or TikTok), and what's better is that it's £137 cheaper than the closest affordable alternative at Dunelm.

Amazon boucle chair in living room with blanket on it

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon's boucle chair dupe

The Tkopy Armchair Bucket Chair is available to purchase for £162.99 on Amazon and comes in three different colours (coffee, dark grey and yellow) if neutral isn't your thing. It has a matte black swivel base too, so it will make a stylish addition to a home office space or a dressing table. 

Boucle shows no signs of slowing down, and come the winter months we think it will still be a staple decor trend that is ideal for creating a cosy corner in your home. We spotted the Dunelm boucle chair for £299, making the almost identical Amazon option £137 cheaper - a no-brainer for updating your interior on a budget. 

It's also a great dupe for the high-end Soho Home chair, which retails for £1,695. When you compare the two, it's hard to say no to this Amazon bargain.

'Whilst the hype around boucle fabric might have calmed down a little, it's definitely still one of my favourite upholstery fabrics, particularly for accent chairs which are going to see less traffic than your main seating,' says our Ecommerce Editor, Amy Lockwood.

'Layering different textures into a decor scheme is a great way to add interest and depth to a room, and boucle contrasts so well with sleeker surfaces. Its tactile qualities are also great for adding warmth and cosiness to a room. And for cocoon seating especially, it's still my go-to, as the textured fabric offsets sculptural shapes perfectly. Overall, boucle is still a big yes from me!' 

We didn't need any further persuading after seeing that price, but that has certainly sealed the deal. If, however, you're trying to slow down your Amazon habits, Primark's bouclé tub chair might be just the ticket.

Comfy, stylish, and still on trend - it's hard to find a reason not to reach for this boucle chair. 

Holly Cockburn
Content Editor

After starting out her journey at Future as a Features Editor on Top Ten Reviews, Holly is now a Content Editor at Ideal Home, writing about the best interior ideas and news. At Top Ten Reviews, she focussed on TikTok viral cleaning hacks as well as how to take care of investment purchases such as lawn mowers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Prior to this, Holly was apart of the editorial team at Howdens which sparked her interest in interior design, and more specifically, kitchens (Shaker is her favourite!).