This new Christmas decoration trend means you can reuse your autumn-themed decor for the festive season

We’re falling for this transeasonal trend that's cropping up everywhere stylish

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Blame it on the sustainability movement or people’s resourcefulness, but autumn decor for Christmas is a trend many are participating in. And we’re falling head over heels for it. Somehow it feels even more cosy and whimsical than traditional Christmas decor.

And perhaps the best part about it is that you can let your imagination and creativity run wild. You can repurpose your autumnal decorations from pumpkins to dried foliage and mushrooms. That autumnal toadstool motif trend is still going strong months on and shows no signs of slowing.

If this is not one of the best budget Christmas decorating ideas then we don’t know what is. Are you wondering where this trend is coming from? And to what heights can you take it? Then read on.

Autumn decor for Christmas

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Don’t throw away those dried foliage wreaths and hold off storing your pumpkin decor for now. Because both of those and more will be handy for Christmas time since this year you can mix fall and Christmas decorations, something that a few years ago would have been taboo. 

'We’re seeing more people decorate their homes for autumn, and Christmas appears to be coming earlier and earlier each year, as well as bigger when it comes to decorating our homes – so naturally the two themes are merging,' says Lucy Mather, design expert from Arighi Bianchi. 'Some Christmas super fans start decorating their homes well before Halloween. And we’re seeing more autumnal accents in Christmas decorations this year.'

Ever since the launch of the John Lewis Christmas shop at the beginning of September, we’ve noticed the heavy focus on autumnal Christmas decorations, especially in its rustic Christmas Cottage theme as warm autumnal shades and motifs such as orange-coloured leaves, mushroom clusters and woodlands animals were seen throughout.

And speaking of autumnal shades, we of course can’t forget about John Lewis’ copper Christmas tree

John Lewis Christmas decorations

(Image credit: John Lewis)

'The colour schemes seem to be converging too – with more white pumpkins that work well long into the magical sparkle of Christmas, but also autumnal colours work well for festive styling,' notes Lucy. 'Pine cones, for example, work well as an autumn and Christmas decoration – they’re very cost effective too.'

But it didn’t stop there and now we can’t unsee the trend even in DIY Christmas decor ideas that we regularly come across on social media like TikTok. Whether it’s the tomato paste DIY garland cut into shapes of leaves and acorns, courtesy of @thekwendyhome; or the snowman crafted from leftover Halloween pumpkins and sprayed white a la @mistieskitchen.


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‘The idea of using autumnal elements for Christmas might have gained more attention recently due to social media platforms where people are more able to widely share their creative decorating ideas, fostering inspiration and encouraging others to try similar approaches,’ says Sam Sutherland, interior stylist for Flitch.

The Halloween and Christmas celebrations are infamously very wasteful so an effort for a more sustainable approach to festive decorating might be behind this new tendency.

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‘This specific trend likely originates from a desire to celebrate the festive season in a more sustainable manner by reducing waste and making use of existing decor as well as being able to enjoy especially loved pieces for a longer time,' explains Sam.

'Additionally, it reflects a shift towards more eclectic and personalised decorating styles that deviate from traditional norms, encouraging individuals to express their creativity and individuality in their holiday decorations.'

So whatever your heart desires. But if you’re short on autumnal decorations and still want to partake in the trend, then these are some of our favourites:

Get the look

Happy autumnal Christmas decorating!

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