Molly-Mae just made a very strong case for this emerging lighting trend

Even we can't get enough of it...

Bubble chandelier display
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After Love Island star, Molly-Mae took to Instagram to showcase her new lighting fixture to over one million fans, bubble lighting has been making the rounds more than ever, with search for them skyrocketing by 300% in the last week alone.

With statement lighting forecasted to be at its peak as an interior design choice throughout this year, bubble lighting is a home decor trend we think could stay for the long run – but what do the experts have to say about it?

Bubble chandelier display from BHS

(Image credit: BHS)

Bubble lighting trend

We've seen bubble plates as a new niche trend, but what about bubble lighting?

Since former Love Island star, Molly-Mae shared her new statement bubble lighting to fans on Instagram, the lighting style has received quite the search boost, with Festive Lights reporting a 317% increase in just the last week.

Fans were keen to comment and express their own desire to add it to their living room lighting ideas, gushing over the influencer's new home purchase. Additionally, the power of social media once again never ceases, as bubble lighting also made the rounds on TikTok, with this one video reaching over 26,000 views.



Paula Boston, visual merchandiser at Festive Lights comments on the many trends we've seen enter the home decor space, like the vanilla girl aesthetic, barbiecore, and cottagecore – many of which have largely influenced people's interior design choices – but noted that only some can truly last the test of time in the design space. We think bubblecore is here to stay.

She notes that 'bubble home decor, and bubble lighting more specifically, offers the perfect timeless aesthetic which is contemporary, yet simplistic.'

Bubble chandelier display

(Image credit: BHS)

Julian Page, head of design at BHS had forecasted that we'd see 'many lighting trends in circulation,' expecting that we'd witness the rise of glass bubble lighting.

And why do we love it so much? 'There is an increasing desire for lighting that looks as good switched off as it does on. This has led to more searches for bubble motif lighting, a trend set to grow as homeowners search for more playful and uplifting interior accents,' Julian explains.

Bubble chandelier display

(Image credit: Future PLC)

We think it's a clever way to light your home and bring playfulness and personality to any space. Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy agrees and confirms saying. 'Gone are the days of cookie-cutter, all-white, “perfect” homes; today’s shoppers are looking to decorate in ways that truly reflect their personal style and bring them joy.'

Bubble-inspired forms are especially becoming a go-to aesthetic for anyone looking to elevate their space. If you don't think you can commit to bold paint trends for your living room colour scheme, this will definitely be your showstopping design feature.

Will you be partaking in this trend?

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