Chicken Shop Date’s Amelia Dimoldenberg just made us fall for kitsch flooring with her foody rug

The always funny YouTuber has some fun with her bedroom flooring with a fried egg-shaped rug

Amelia Dimoldenberg
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Amelia Dimoldenberg revealed a corner of her home in a dancing Instagram reel and we’re falling head over heels for her fried egg-shaped bedroom rug, which is giving a kitsch flooring vibe in the best possible way. 

And who better to champion a foody bedroom flooring idea like this than the creator and presenter of Chicken Shop Date, a YouTube show where Amelia goes on a date and interviews celebrities while munching on chicken nuggets? 

Kitsch everything is set to be one of the biggest trends of the year, not just in the ‘kitschens’ department, which makes over your kitchen into a bright and bold haven. Quirky and vibrant elements are going to find their way into every room of the home, the kitchen is just the beginning. And we believe a food-inspired rug like Amelia’s, whether it’s an egg or a strawberry for some strawberry girl aesthetic a la Lily Allen, is the perfect way to embrace the look. 


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Amelia Dimoldenberg's kitsch flooring

We love a fun, bold home decor trend at Ideal Home. And the kitsch flooring style definitely qualifies.

‘The surge in popularity of the kitsch trend represents a celebration of playfulness and a nod to unconventional design in contemporary homes,’ says Sam Sutherland, Flitch interior stylist. ‘With its quirky shapes and unexpected motifs, this trend allows individuals to express their personality and sense of humour in their living spaces.’ 

‘Unique shapes, retro colours and eclectic designs can serve as conversation starters and make a bold statement. We have seen a big increase in searches for flooring options that are characterised by its whimsical, quirky, and often unconventional designs.’

A sunny side up fried egg rug is one way to go about it as Amelia Dimoldenberg has done in her London home. But the best part about this trend is that you can have fun with it and get creative with the shapes and motifs you incorporate into your home.

Get the look:

‘When integrating kitsch flooring into your space, it's crucial to avoid overwhelming the area with too many statement pieces competing for attention,’ Sam adds. ‘Given that kitsch items are often bold and attention-grabbing, achieving balance is key.’ 

This is something that Amelia nailed in her space as her fried egg rug is surrounded by all-white built-in wardrobes, a beige carpet and a mid-century modern cabinet. 

‘Incorporate neutral colours in other elements like walls, furniture, and accessories to harmonise the room. If opting for a kitsch rug or flooring, make it the focal point by keeping the surrounding decor relatively simple. Coordinating with accessories like throw,  pillows, artwork, or accent pieces helps create a cohesive and intentional look, tying the kitsch rug into the overall design,’ Sam concludes.

We can’t wait to have some fun with this trend in 2024.

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