Frankie Bridge embraces this emerging side table trend that is 'having a moment in the spotlight', say experts

And we know how to get the look for less

Frankie Bridge
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Frankie Bridge has secured herself as quite the interiors icon to keep on our radar at Ideal Home. Similar to her taste in fashion, Frankie's interior choices exude timelessness and the 'quiet luxury' feel that's been a staple of home decor trends.

As fans of the presenter and former Saturdays member, we've long had an eye on her dressing area where she frequently showcases her outfits. Previously, she only had the space furnished with a designer boucle armchair and clothes rail. However, a recent reel showcased a new addition to the area: a grandiose sculptural side table that fits perfectly into the once-empty space.

Akin to the totem side table trend, these sculptural-inspired decor pieces are ideal for bringing a sense of individuality and character to any room in a home without leaning too much into 'eclectic'. Still boasting major sophisticated quiet luxury vibes, it's a bedside table or a side table for a living room that is quickly becoming a must-have.

'Long gone are the days where side tables are a purely functional piece of furniture on which to place a lamp or drink, we're not seeing them as just as much of a statement piece as we would a sofa or coffee table,' begins Sue Jones, creative director and co-founder of OKA. 'So, it's little wonder that sculptural side tables and tables in materials such as stone, marble, and travertine are having a moment in the spotlight.'

Commenting on the rising popularity of this side table trend, Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's trend expert adds that they're 'seeing a rise in the use of natural stone in the home as shoppers are captivated by the simplicity of organic materials and its timeless appeal.'

Sculptural side table with table lamp in living room next to sofa

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Dayna even reveals that Etsy has seen a 34% search increase in travertine items in the last three months compared to the same period this time last year.

'Rooted in simplicity, the distressed and rustic finish of natural stone means each piece is truly one of a kind and brings a sense of warmth and authenticity to any space,' she adds. 

Not to mention, it's not just within side tables that we've seen this aesthetic being favoured, but among other decor items such as lamps and vases like the Athens Vase in Michelle Keegan's Very homeware collection.

'The wonderful thing about sculptural side tables is that they require very little styling, as their design-led features will make a statement on their own,' continues Sue.

Sculptural side table with table lamp in living room next to sofa

(Image credit: OKA)

We're particularly entranced by Frankie Bridge's side table choice which, albeit neutral, commands our attention by playing with round and rigid contrasting edges.

As much as we hate to admit it to ourselves, Frankie's side table is likely on the higher-end designer end of the spectrum. So, here are a couple of our favourite sculptural side table options that are more on the affordable end so you can still achieve the look for less.

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'If you're using a stone, marble or travertine side table to add a contemporary element to a more traditional space, I would suggest pairing it with a colourful lamp and pleated shade to bridge the gap between the two styles,' advises Sue.

Or, like Frankie, add a sculptural side table to an equally contemporary and minimalist space to add some visual interest. Irrespective of whichever you opt for, it's sure to make a statement nonetheless.

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