‘It's giving Monsters Inc.' Stacey Dooley's unusual 'yeti chairs' are dividing opinion on Instagram

The presenter has a fondness for unique items...

Stacey Dooley attends the Into Film Awards 2022 at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on June 28, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)
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We’ve all got our own unique interior design style - while some of us prefer simple and minimalist, others love maximalist statement pieces and huge splashes of colour.

And when it comes to our furniture choices, the same is also true. Plenty of people favour affordable, simple and practical furniture, while others gravitate towards an eclectic mismatch of vintage pieces and collector's items for a vintage living room scheme.

TV presenter Stacey Dooley has been sharing her interior design style over on her Instagram a lot recently, revealing that while she loves a minimalist colour palette, she often favours an assortment of secondhand furniture in contrasting materials. And nowhere is that more true than with her most recent purchase – an item her 1.1 million followers are dubbing 'yeti chairs'.

Stacey Dooley’s ‘yeti chairs’

Mum-of-one Stacey recently shared a video of two dining-style chairs, which have truly divided opinion among her followers.

Stacey shared a video of two ‘yeti-style’ chairs, which are adorned with fluffy white material down the seat, the back and the two front legs, and have exposed metal legs at the back. She hilariously captioned the gleaming white chairs with the caption, ‘(PERFECT for a one yr old with constant grubby hands)’

Some fans were a little confused by the unusual furniture choice, with one saying, ‘It's giving Monsters Inc 😍’, while another commented, ‘You have Yeti Chairs!!! 😍’.

Another said, ‘Thought a couple of sheep had moved in 😂😂😂fur, four legs, fluffy 😂’

Other followers loved the chairs however, with one saying, ‘They’re incredible 😍😍’, and another agreeing, ‘Love them ❤❤❤’, and another asking, 'I love them. Please tell me where they are from?'

While they’re obviously divisive, we've seen fluffy statement chairs emerging as a micro trend on the high street. Vicky Floros, Lead Designer and Owner at Vicky Floros Styling, says that Stacey’s chairs offer an incredibly unique addition to her home. 'I love these chairs and would definitely call them a super stylish choice,' she says. 

'The juxtaposition of warmth and coziness on the cold metal legs is amazingly chic and fun. I can certainly see why they are divisive though; they are absolutely an acquired taste.'

Timothy Oulton Cabana Yeti Armchair, Neutral - Barker & Stonehouse

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Designer at Q Design House, Elena Maran, agreed that Stacey’s ‘yeti chairs’ are a bold choice, but also says that they would work brilliantly in many homes. She explains, 'these chairs are an eclectic statement piece, perfect for a soft tactile experience in the home.

'They’re definitely a love/hate piece, and not for everyone. But these sorts of chairs could easily fit in a collector’s house, where every single object and furniture is unique and a statement.'

But this is not the only time Stacey sparked a debate online, as the same happened over her dilemma where to put the TV in her bedroom

On Stacey’s post, it was revealed that her yeti chairs were a find from Vinterior, a vintage, pre-owned furniture marketplace. So given that you can’t buy these one-of-a-kind chairs for yourself (if indeed you are a fan), Vicky reveals that DIY-ing them would be tricky, but not entirely impossible.

A corner of a living room with an armchair and a vase of tulips

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'I'd say it would be quite hard to achieve this exact look by yourself, but you can have a go by getting yourself a couple of sheepskin rugs/throws, a measuring tape, some fabric scissors, a staple gun or screws and screwdriver depending on what your affordable upholstered armchair is going to be.

'You’ll need to be able to take the chair apart (flat pack or IKEA style would be best), so you can wrap the material around easily. Wrap your first bit of sheepskin around the seat - then measure up and trim,' she advises. 'Then repeat this with your backrest and the front legs. These will need to be wrapped and sewn.'

Explaining that one type of base would likely be easier to DIY, Vicky continues, 'It will probably be easier to have a wooden chair base with metal legs - if metal is what you want. Go gold over chrome though, and fix according to the material you are working with.'

So will you give this method a go to create your own 'yeti chairs', à la Stacey Dooley?


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