Stacey Solomon's enchanting Christmas tree is 'nostalgia to the max' – championing this TikTok viral decoration

Experts call it 'nostalgic maximalism'

Stacey Solomon
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Yes, the time has finally come! Stacey Solomon, the queen of DIY and interiors – and ultimately as such, the queen of Christmas – has officially revealed her Christmas tree for 2023 and it's transporting us back in time to better, simpler festive days.

Given Stacey's track record for big and extravagant Christmas decorating ideas, from her festive front door display to her larger-than-life DIY nutcrackers, you'd think we'd seen it all from her as far as seasonal ideas go. However, we have to say that her Christmas tree reveal was unlike anything we expected to see from her – but it's an extremely welcome surprise that's taking us down a trip to memory lane.

What's more, her tree features a surprise playful addition that's bound to turn heads this Christmas: a wrap-around toy train decoration, giving Polar Express a run for its money.

Stacey Solomon's nostalgic maximalism Christmas tree

Over the weekend, Stacey took to Instagram to reveal to fans how she's decorated Pickle Cottage's highly-anticipated Christmas tree for this festive season. This year, she's gone quite a bit different to the grand and 'posh' displays we've previously seen her champion in our past celebrity Christmas tree roundups.

Instead of going all cohesive and luxe in typical Pickle Cottage style, she's gone to the opposite end of the spectrum and wholly embraced a truly traditional, '90s Christmas – tiny foil crackers, uncoordinated baubles, multi-coloured lights and all – straight from her childhood.

In her caption, Stacey writes, 'I feel like I've gone back in time & my 90s Christmas childhood threw up on our tree.'

Nostalgic decor is a Christmas tree and decoration trend that's been sweeping celebrities, influencers, and even our own homes' alike this year.

Whether it be embracing timeless Christmas colour schemes like Kimberley Walsh's Christmas staircase garland to adding glam, contemporary touches to traditional decor like we've seen in Mrs Hinch's Christmas tree, it's a trend that's been making us smile nonetheless.

However, Stacey Solomon's Christmas tree this year has taken that nostalgic feeling and traditional decor to a whole new level, embracing everything she's loved from her childhood and giving it a new lease of life in her 'childhood Christmas tree' that's opening up a bout of childhood memories for us. Which arguably, is exactly what Christmas is all about.

Living room with decorated Christmas tree, fireplace, sofa, and coffee table

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'Christmas is that time of year when we like to remember those special moments and this translates into the decorations we are choosing for our homes and trees,' begins Jess Martin, Christmas decoration expert at party and decoration supplier, Ginger Ray.

'It's what we are calling nostalgic maximalism.'

Stacey even writes in her caption, 'Honestly, I don't mind one bit if everyone thinks this is the ugliest Christmas tree of all time [...] I love a good colour scheme and a posh-looking tree but as soon as I saw our childhood Xmas lights I couldn't wait to bring my childhood memories of Christmas back to life on our Christmas tree this year.'

Decorating ideas for Christmas, foliage garlands on the ceiling, blue sofa in front of red painted panelling, cushions with floral patterns, stack of presents underneath a decorated Christmas tree

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Aside from Stacey's nostalgic festive masterpiece, the other thing that caught our eye was the glorious novelty Christmas tree train decoration she's added around her tree, bringing even more of that childhood magic to life. Yes, around the tree as opposed to just displayed at the base!

We've been seeing this Christmas tree idea going viral on social media, with one video on TikTok racking up over 15.8 million views alone. The magic of Christmas is alive and very much still among us, folks – and in much-loved Polar Express fashion.

All in all, a nostalgic Christmas is exactly what fans have been craving to see on their social media feeds.

Fans in the comments of the Instagram reel write, 'This!! Is Christmas. I love it!! Nostalgia to the max Stacey,' while another comment writes, 'I much prefer a tree that's been completely covered in multi-coloured randomness – it's what Xmas is all about – not magazine perfect trees that no one can touch.'

Stacey Solomon's Christmas tree is real and it is indeed embodying everything that the festive season is about. Hats off to you, Stacey. You've only just gone and done it!

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