The Range's gonk homeware collection starts at £1.99, and people love it!

Shoppers are obsessed – but it's selling out fast

The Range’s new gonk homeware collection, featuring a selection of cosy gonks
(Image credit: The Range)

Judging by people's reaction to The Range’s gonk homeware collection, it seems a gonk is for life, not just for Christmas. Or, if not for life (hey, it's a long time!), then for cosy season.

That's right, everyone: gonks were the most in demand Christmas idea of last year, and it seems they're back with a vengeance for 2023. 

Indeed, The Range has brought out a huge selection of gonks already – and not all of them are Christmas decorations. Some are 'just because' gonks. 

The Range's gonk homeware collection 

Shoppers are particularly obsessed with the sage green bearded critters in The Range's gonk homeware collection, all nine of which can be snapped up for a grand total of £31.41.

Check it out:

Leah Tattersall from The Range commented: 'We are renowned for our gonk festive collection, but we are seeing people add the cute little fellows to their homes, not just for Christmas but for the whole of the cosy season, too.'

With this in mind, The Range has extended its winter gonk collection in an almost frighteningly big way.

As a result, you don't just have to stick to Christmas gonks, present sacks and advent calendars anymore – you can have gonks all year round and all over your home (if, y'know, that's something you want).

The Range’s new gonk homeware collection, featuring a selection of cosy gonks

(Image credit: The Range)

'Searches for "gonk" on our website have risen significantly and they are now one of the most searched for terms,' continues Leah. 

'We’ve seen sales for gonks go wild from as early as August, showing people are buying earlier than ever. Some lines are even selling out so our advice for shoppers is to be quick before you are disappointed.'

If you need a little inspiration before you shop this most enduring of Christmas trends, you might want to consider, say, some gonk bedding:

The Range's gonk duvet set

(Image credit: The Range)

Available from £10.99, and perfect for the festive season, this reversible gonk duvet set features a pattern of cosy gonks in a woodland theme.

There's also a gonk draught excluder (£11.99) which is available in two colourways, meaning you can choose the gonks that best fit your personal style:

The Range's gonk draught excluder

(Image credit: The Range)

Of, y'know, you could just go the whole hog and fill your cupboards with mugs, plates, bowls and glasses adorned with festive gonks. 

There's even a few extra kitchenware bits available in the form of *checks notes* gonk cake stands, gonk butter dishes, and gonk salt and pepper shakers

And, honestly, have you ever noticed how, if you say the word 'gonk' too many times, the word starts to lose all semblance of meaning?

The Range's gonk Christmas crockery

(Image credit: The Range)

Ahem. Basically, The Range's gonk homeware collection features an abundance of ways to celebrate this traditional Nordic Christmas decor staple.

Which, considering gonks are said to protect our homes in winter, might not be such a bad thing.

See you at the checkouts, we guess...

Kayleigh Dray
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