Zodiac homeware is Etsy's shining star, and we love this new trend

Are you tempted to try the zodiac homeware trend?

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Whether you’re into star signs or not, zodiac homeware is a VBD at the moment. Little wonder, really: the world of astrology is filled with magic and mystery.

Naturally, then, this is one of those home decor trends that we can absolutely get on board with. 

After all, 'embrace the zodiac' is the sort of interior design tip that lends itself just as perfectly to the everyday as it does the witchy vibes of Halloween and the twinkling merriment of Christmas.

Zodiac homeware

If you've found yourself won over by, say, Urban Outfitters' Rising Sign throw of late, rest assured you're not alone: zodiac homeware is trending.

Need proof? Well, it seems Etsy searches for Zodiac decor have rocketed up by 198% over the past six months, with shoppers looking to incorporate the star sign theme into small details in their homes.

Moon phase hanging

Moon Phase Wall Hanging available to buy via Etsy.

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In fact, there has been a staggering 28,277% increase in searches for zodiac tea towels over the past three months alone, and it seems it's seemingly the Sagittarians among us who are most into this trend.

Yup, you guessed it: searches for Sagittarius decor are up a whopping 270%. Which, considering its such a dynamic and curious sign, feels pretty... well, pretty on point, to be honest.

'Shoppers are filling their homes with meaningful items that celebrate individuality and a shift towards healing and introspection has come into focus, as shoppers connect with their deeper selves and tap into the power of the universe,' explains Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy trend expert.

Shop the zodiac homeware trend

'Interest in spiritual practices and New Age rituals is on the rise, including items associated with astrology, tarot, meditation, manifestations, affirmations and moon phase tracking,' adds Dayna.

Rebecca Knight, Ideal Home's deputy editor, isn't at all surprised that zodiac homeware is coming through at this time.

'We're looking for a little certainty at an uncertain time,' she says wisely. Still, Rebecca urges that you be careful not to plaster your star sign everywhere.

A gallery weall, including a zodiac-inspired passes of the moon print

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'You wouldn't do that with your initials so don't do it with the zodiac,' she says, noting that she herself is opting for a 'pretty print on my living room gallery wall and in a candle holder that will give a pretty starr-y glow.'

And she's right, of course: you don't have to take things quite so literally with the zodiac homeware trend. A sunburst mirror, for example, is a great way to nod to all things astrological. 

You could pay homage to the night sky with one of our blue living room ideas. You could get your birth chart drawn up and display that proudly, too. Or you could even check out our just-for-fun zodiac room designs.

Whatever you decide, be prepared to turn more than a few heads. There's a reason this aesthetic is trending, after all...

Kayleigh Dray
Acting Content Editor

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