The 5 most stylish bathroom colours you should be pairing with grey tiles, according to design experts

Even neutrals can be tricky to style - here at the colour combos you need to know about

Grey bathroom with tiles
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Making over a bathroom is no mean feat. When designing any space, there is so much to consider, but with a bathroom, there’s the added complication that everything must be water resistant.

It’s no wonder that bathroom tiles are a popular choice. Available in every colour, shape and style you can imagine, tiles bring personality and practicality by the bucket load.

But, unlike paint and wallpaper, tiles can be tricky to remove and replace, so for many, their bathroom tiles are a feature they’d rather not chop and change.

So, if you know you’ll want to switch up your bathroom colour scheme regularly, choosing and sticking with grey tiles is a great way to go.

Bathroom colours for grey tiles

Grey bathrooms can be classed as ‘nearly neutral.’ While it’s not quite white or beige, grey in any of its varying shades can act as a neutral base in a room scheme. ‘Grey stands as a strong pillar to almost all colours, so don’t be afraid to experiment with colour whilst using grey as a reliable foundation to pair with,’ says Ruth Foster, interior designer at Victoria Plum.

So whether you’re about the revamp your bathroom and you want to use grey tiles as a starting point for your mood board, or your existing grey tiled bathroom is in need of a refresh, there are many shades that could work for you.

Whether it’s bright and airy or dark and mysterious vibes that you’re looking for, these are the six best shades that will elevate your grey tiled bathroom to be a space you that you’ll crave spending time in.

1. Teal

Grey bathroom with teal unit and grey tiles

(Image credit: Simply Bathrooms)

If you’re looking to create a statement bathroom idea in your grey tiled space, teal is a stylish, powerful shade that’s sure to pack a punch.

‘Grey is a neutral tone and as such works well as a foundation on which to layer stronger, bolder colours, if that’s your vibe. One such colour is teal which not only works in harmony to create a soothing and peaceful room but can also create a much-required colour pop,’ says Grazzie Wilson, head of creative at Ca' Pietra.

‘As it’s such a bold colour, look to use it on a piece of furniture or perhaps a painted bath, something that will help to highlight the focal point in the room and draw your eye in,’ Grazzie continues.

‘Pairing grey with vibrant shades helps to inject energy and playfulness, while the grey helps to balance out the brighter hue,’ adds Ruth.

2. Pastel shades

Pink bathroom with modern grey tiles

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jenny Wood)

Pastel hues are a great addition to a grey tiled bathroom, as they bring a softness and playfulness that can’t be matched with any other colours.

‘Light and creative pastel colour schemes are featuring hugely throughout interior design in 2024. Adding pastels to your grey bathroom design can help to make your space feel more bright, open and inviting,’ says Meg Adamson, bathroom design expert at Victorian Plumbing.

While all pastel shades bring a sense of whimsy and airiness, the specific colour you choose to combine with grey will bring slightly differing effects. ‘Complementary colours made up of soft pastel shades like blush pink tend to pair nicely with grey tiles,’ says Ben Thomson at Promain. ‘Blush pink injects a touch of warmth and elegance into an otherwise muted bathroom environment. These lighter tones will open up the room and make it feel more spacious, which can be incredibly beneficial for smaller bathrooms.’

‘Softer colours like light blue evoke tranquillity and relaxation, while muted green offers a refreshing, natural feel,’ says Ruth.

3. White and neutral

Wet room with tiled walls and floors and round mirror over vanity unit

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Bathroom tile trends come and go, but neutral colours will never go out of style.

‘If you’re inclined towards a classic style bathroom, white is the route for you. Using white results in a very clean, bright and fresh feeling and, used judiciously, this will give your grey tiled bathroom a spa-like feel,’ says Marion Falchi, director at Falchi Interiors.

Josie Medved, design manager at Symphony UK, agrees with this but also warns that this colour scheme could appear a little stark. ‘White or light greys always look clean and hygienic, which can be appealing in a bathroom, but sometimes these colours can appear a bit cold. To warm up the space, try adding elements of pale pink or cashmere. A tile with a slight pattern or warmer tone looks great paired with grey tiles,’ she says.

Another simple way to enhance the freshness of this scheme while also creating a warm and homely feel is by adding textured wood finishes, warm metallics such as gold or copper, and using soft fabrics for accessories.

4. Black

Grey bathroom with tiles

(Image credit: Victoria Plum)

If sleek and contemporary is what you’re after, and you want a space where you can relax in the tub and block out the world, create a black bathroom alongside your grey tiles. Black absorbs light, meaning that it’s easy on the eye and enables you to unwind and feel calm. Using black on the walls may seem drastic, but combining it with grey tiles and white furniture works to subtly lighten up the space for an undeniably serene scene.

‘For a contemporary, minimal look, choose black – matt black sanitaryware and trims will instantly give your space some edge,’ says Marion. ‘Go cautiously though, as this can result in a very sharp feel. And if you love the look but are concerned it's a bit too much, consign it to smaller bathrooms, like ensuites.’

5. Deep green

Bathroom with green tiles and gold hardware

(Image credit: Future PLC)

For a luxurious and nature-inspired bathroom idea, dark green, be it forest green or emerald green, is a great accompaniment to grey tiles. Green bathrooms, with obvious links to nature, will be inherently calming and rejuvenating.

‘If you're looking to go more sophisticated and modern in your approach, combining grey tiles with emerald green is arguably your best option,’ says Ben. ‘Speaking from experience, this combination tends to evoke a sense of calm and balance.’

A dark green also brings with it an inevitable feeling of luxury, making your grey-tiled bathroom feel rich, expensive and enveloping. The perfect environment to escape from your busy day and tune into your senses.


What are the best colours for small bathrooms?

When choosing colours for small bathrooms, you can go one of two ways. You can either make the space you have feel as big, bright and airy as possible by channelling fresh whites, pale tones and light-reflecting glossy paint finishes. Or, you can embrace the dark and intimate vibe and create a cocooning, dramatic feel by decorating dark. There’s no right or wrong, you just have to decide.

‘Making a small space darker creates a warm, intimate feel,’ says Marion Falchi director at Falchi Interiors. ‘But light colours, such as white, grey and light blue, are best for a small spaces where the end requirement is fresh and airy.’

Josie Medved, design manager at Symphony UK, agrees – ‘For smaller bathrooms or a bathroom with minimal natural light, choose lighter colours to give the illusion of more space and light.’

If your small bathroom has a lot of interesting details besides colour, be it a view, textured tiles or quirky design features, the best colours may be those that allow these features to take the spotlight. ‘If the room has a lot of architectural elements, don't allow colour to overtake detail – keep any additional colours to a minimum,’ says Marion.

What colours go with grey bathrooms?

As grey is a neutral shade, most colours will work nicely alongside it, but there are certain shades that are especially well suited to bathrooms. White sits beautifully alongside grey for a clean and fresh aesthetic. Warmer neutrals like beige, plaster pink or taupe combine this same airy feel but with a touch more warmth, which is ideal as grey can be quite a cool shade.

Alternatively, if you have a grey bathroom, you could inject darker colours, such as forest green, navy blue or deep red, to create a sophisticated and sultry feel.

‘Colour can be introduced through accessories such as towels, décor items, reed diffusers and so on. However, also think about paint on walls and woodwork, wallpaper or coloured sanitaryware,’ says Marion Falchi, director at Falchi Interiors.

Whether you're looking for a timeless or on-trend look, you really can't go wrong with grey.

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