Are striped tiles the next big thing in bathrooms? We asked experts whether the trend is here to stay

Plus, how to use – and it's more than just on the walls

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Bathrooms can often feel like stark, uninspiring rooms that are tricky to inject personality into, but with the help of creative tile layouts and chic colour schemes, it doesn't have to be so hard.

Striped tiles are the latest trend hitting our feeds and it's safe to say we're in love. They're the perfect bridge between adding pattern but still keeping a scheme chic and pared-back, plus, they offer so much scope for creating your dream colour scheme.

But a bathroom has to be practical as well as pretty, which is why bathroom tile ideas work perfectly to create a wipe-clean layout that won't be ruined by moisture. We're firmly on the side of striped tiles but if you're unsure whether this trend is going to be one that sticks around, we spoke to bathroom experts to give you peace of mind about trying out this new look.

How to use striped tiles in a bathroom

'Stripes are big business in bathroom design and we’re seeing some really striking patterns and looks created using them,' says Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs.

'They naturally lend themselves to allowing you to be playful, not only with the pattern itself but also through the use of colour allowing you to combine two, three or more different shades within your stripe design,' he continues.

But are they a trend that's going to last? Tiles aren't the easiest bathroom decor to apply so you want to know that they're going to outlast a few trend cycles.

Luckily, Barrie confirms 'Stripes are also pretty good at standing the test of time, having originated in the 19th century in interior design, so we know they have some longevity!'

It's official, stripes are in. So what are the best ways to use them in a bathroom so that your space looks more bijou than Beetlejuice.

1. Pair with wallpaper

Bathroom with pink wallpaper and green and white tiles

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The striped tile trend is perfect for creating a balance between a practical surface that also looks stylish. As tiles are wipe-clean and waterproof, positioning them in a half-height format behind a sink and toilet will make your bathroom all that easier to clean.

Plus, opting for a half-height tile layout allows more flexibility with how you choose to decorate the rest of the room. If you prefer a pared-back look then keep the top half of the room neutral and simple in design.

However, if eclectic interiors are more your thing then contrasting with a statement bathroom wallpaper idea will have a huge impact.

2. Use on a bath

Tiled pink and white bath and wall in bathroom

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For many of us with small bathrooms, creating optical illusions with decor choices is key to enhancing the sense of space. Striped tiles are the ideal layout for elongating an area or making walls appear higher as you can opt for either a vertical or horizontal format.

In a narrow or enclosed shower idea, continue striped tiles all the way up to the ceiling in a light and bright colour scheme to make the petite area feel bigger. Rather than draw attention to the smallness of the space, attention will be firmly on the intrigue of the design.

3. Focus on flooring

Ca'Pietra striped tiles and green bath

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Bathroom flooring ideas must be practical for a space where splashes are commonplace and moisture is high. Tiles are a go-to choice but alongside practicality, they offer plenty of scope for choosing a pattern and colour that suits your space - more so than laminate flooring can.

Whether you're a lover of clashing patterns or you want to keep walls bare, focusing on flooring allows you to make a statement. Not only will striped tiles add interest to a large area but they will also make a small bathroom look bigger too, especially if you use white tiles as part of the colour scheme.

4. Use lots of tiny tiles

Ca'Pietra green and white striped tiles

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Micro tiles are a big bathroom tile trend for 2024 and work perfectly in a striped tile layout. We admit, they do require a bit more faff with grouting but the effect is well worth it. You can create a large-scale pattern with the tiny tiles that look like large stripes from afar but still have tonnes of dimension and detail upon closer inspection.

Save this tile layout for a more specific area of a bathroom so you can save yourself from tiling the entire room and create clever zoning. Walk-in shower ideas are the perfect place to make use of striped tiles as they will instantly upgrade a practical area.

5. Don't forget the bath

Pink and white striped tiles on bath

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When designing your bathroom scheme, don't forget about the bath panel. Leaving the bath panel in the original plastic has the potential to date a design and when you're spending money on other features, you want the finished effect to look perfect.

By tiling the bath panel and area behind a bath in striped tiles, it creates a focal feature and extends the appearance horizontally, making the space look larger.

6. Choose a bold colour scheme

Pink and red striped tiles in bathroom

(Image credit: Otta Designs)

There is no rule to say your striped tile colour scheme has to involve white. In fact, an unexpected colour combination, like red and pink, will make a simple striped scheme look even more on-trend.

'When customers ask me for advice, I always say, go with what you love. It can feel daunting to try something bold but when a striking pattern is used as part of a well-considered scheme, you can create a unique space to be enjoyed for many years,' explains Jamie Robb, creative and production director at Marlborough Tiles.

If you love the effect of wallpaper but aren't sure about using it in a bathroom, creating an eclectic colour duo will harness the same statement look that is also practical.

Our favourite tiles to create a striped look

Are you on team striped tiles? It's on-trend but still a timeless choice, making it a no-brainer for your bathroom renovation.

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