5 timeless bathroom colour combinations that future-proof your space

These expert-approved colour combos are as on-trend as they are classic

Pink bathroom with modern grey tiles
(Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

It's no secret that bathroom renovations are expensive so when it comes to the tricky task of choosing the right palette, picking a timeless bathroom colour combination will help your design go the distance.

Bathroom colour schemes need to tick a few boxes - if your room doesn't get too much natural light then you might need a bright space-enhancing shade, or you might be tempted to go for one of the latest bathroom trends to revamp your home. Whatever your specific requirements for the perfect palette are, one thing is for sure - two is better than one.

Picking more than one shade will add depth and dimension to your bathroom so that it feels like a space packed full of personality, regardless of whether you go for a neutral or bold look. These five bathroom colour combinations are undoubtedly stylish but also take inspiration from classic interiors, making your design as timeless as can be.

Timeless bathroom colour combinations

Choosing one shade for a bathroom is tough enough, but what about choosing two that work perfectly in tandem? Whether you're dealing with a small bathroom that is tricky to choose a colour for or you have too many favourite shades to decide on these timeless bathroom colour combinations will inspire your new design.

1. Keep it classic with black and white

blue patterned floor in bathroom with walk in shower

(Image credit: Future PLC / Caroline Mardon)

Black and white bathroom ideas are one of the most timeless choices you could go for - modern yet classic, they will fit any interior style or property.

You can still make a black and white space full of pattern and intrigue too. Flooring is a great opportunity to opt for intricately patterned tiles to contrast with a block colour on the walls. Crittall-style shower screens also bridge the gap between trend-led and timeless interiors, and look super sleek.

2. Pink and grey

Pink bathroom with modern grey tiles

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jenny Wood)

'Plaster pink is definitely a timeless and on-trend colour for the bathroom at the moment as it is a beautiful neutral that creates a real depth to a scheme,' recommends Sophia Ayrton-Grime, interior designer and founder of Studio Raff.

While pink veers towards a trend-led look, one way to make it look more timeless is to pair it with other simple neutral shades, like pale grey. Grey is one of the best shades for making a small bathroom look bigger and it will stand the test of time, allowing you to update the complimentary paint shade as your taste changes.

3. Terracotta and white

Bathroom with white bath and terracotta Ca' Pietra floor tiles

(Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

If you want to maintain a simple palette but still want a pop of colour then consider situating your stand-out shade on your bathroom flooring. Terracotta and white is the perfect pairing for this plan as it creates a bright look up top that is grounded by earthy tones.

'Sometimes with colour, less can be more when you are wanting to create a timeless look, and one colour combination that delivers every time is white and dusky pink. In this case, the pink has been brought to the front and is one of the standout features of this bathroom through the use of terracotta tiles, which offer an earthy take on the colour pink. Set against a backdrop of white walls, it is crisp, cool and classic, all in equal measure,' explains Grazzie Wilson, head of creative at Ca’ Pietra.

4. Green and gold

Bathroom with green tiles and gold hardware

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Green has long been a timeless bathroom colour, evoking a serene, nature-inspired aesthetic which is ideal for switching off and relaxing. All shades of green will look good in a wash space but deep emerald tones and gold accents will make for a truly timeless bathroom colour combination.

Style textured dark green tiles with antique brass hardware and luxurious deep-veined marble surfaces for a design that will look premium for years to come.

'A simple arabascato marble is timeless and we also think dark green with marble never dates,' echoes Melissa Hutley co-founder and interior designer, Hutley & Humm.

5. Navy and pink

Blue bathroom with white bath and copper taps

(Image credit: Future PLC / David Giles)

Blue bathrooms are the ultimate colour scheme for a serene atmosphere, but if you want to make it a little bit more interesting then combining with a secondary shade is key.

Deep navy shades will make a bathroom feel cosy and dramatic, perfect for ambient evening soaks, but teamed with pale pink it will be all the more appealing. Don't be scared by using pink either - it's shown that it's due to stick around and become a truly timeless shade.


What bathroom colour combinations will make a room look bigger?

Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house and if you're already embracing compact living then you will feel this even more intensely. But small bathrooms don't mean you need to sacrifice style - there are so many ways to embrace colour, you just might need to be a bit savvy with your choices if the main goal is to enhance the sense of space.

'Using lighter finishes will help bounce light around a bathroom and there can be clever ways to incorporate mirror into traditional panelling to give illusions of space for really small bathrooms,' recommends Melissa Hutley, co-founder and interior designer at Hutley & Humm.

This doesn't necessarily mean sticking to white though. 'Plaster tones, grounding greens, soft yellow, sands and neutrals, also known as the "new neutrals" colour trend right now will never date in a bathroom. In the past ’neutral' meant ‘magnolia’ which definitely dates, but today neutrals have much more colour to them,' explains Sophia Ayrton-Grime, interior designer and founder of Studio Raff.

Although there are certain shades which have lasted through multiple trend cycles making them timeless choices, ultimately the shades that will stand the test of time in your own bathroom will be those that align with your taste. This way you'll love your design for longer.

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