These bathroom features are devaluing your home, according to the experts

The bathroom mishaps to avoid if you're looking to attract potential buyers

Bathroom with metro and patterned tiles and bath tub
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If you have the prospect of putting your home on the market and making it attractive to potential home buyers, be certain not to underestimate the impact of certain features of your bathroom in adding value to your home.

The way your bathroom looks can really make or break a deal for a prospective buyer, as one that is clearly dated or unpleasant-looking can really make its way up the list of things putting off buyers when selling a house.

The last thing you want is to accidentally be sporting bathroom interior trends that are devaluing your home. We've asked the experts about the top bathroom features that are most likely to devalue your home, so we can avoid them.

Bathroom with metro and patterned tiles and bath tub

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8 bathroom features devaluing your home

'One area of the home that can be a deal-breaker for house-viewings is the bathroom, with 84 per cent of prospective buyers saying they would offer more on a property that has a modernised or recently refurbished bathroom,' explains Harriet Goodacre, brand communications manager and sTile consultant at Topps Tiles.

It's perhaps not a bad idea to brush up on any modern bathroom ideas you've been contemplating for a while now.

Bathroom with grey wall, bathtub, two basins and decorated with plants

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1. Old, damaged bathroom floor or wall tiles

'When you have viewings, visibly cracked, chipped, or damaged tiles will certainly make your bathroom appear run down and less appealing to the eye,' warns Harriet Goodacre at Topps Tiles.

'By giving your damaged tiles a revamp, whether that’s just replacing those that are broken or carrying out a full remodel, the look of your bathroom will improve tenfold, and help entice those all-important offers.'

There's probably no better time than the present to put your bathroom tile ideas to work if you want to give your home the best fighting chance at attracting buyers – and if you're stumped, there are plenty of bathroom tile trends to follow.

White bathroom with hexagon tiles

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2. Low quality grout

Following on from damaged or old bathroom tiles, another thing that could be devaluing your home may be the condition of your grout.

'Many of us are quick to cut back on quality when deciding on the finer details of a renovation project, but it is important to choose every aspect of your bathroom design carefully,' urges Leigh Price, co-director at Real Stone, Tile & Bathroom.

'For example, low-quality grout, in particular, is prone to cracking and eroding and can start to look grubby over time.' This is why it's really important to keep your tile grouting ideas in tip-top shape and know how to clean grout in tiles.

White bathroom with metro tiles and gold shower head

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3. Poor ventilation and damp

Damp and condensation and the like are easily some of the biggest factors putting buyers off your home, as it typically alludes to the onset of mould and an unpleasant, lingering smell. This further emphasises the importance of knowing how to get rid of damp, especially in a bathroom.

'Moisture from excess steam can seep under paintwork, leaving bubbling, peeling, and other unpleasant textures on your walls or ceiling,' explains James Roberts, director at Sanctuary Bathrooms.

Plants on windwsill and stool in neutral toned bathroom

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4. Removing a bathtub

Home improvements should always be carefully thought out, and bathroom renovations are no different. While some are pointless home improvements that won't add value to your house, some may also actually decrease its value altogether.

'A common mistake is removing the bath from the bathroom. Admittedly, with people being more money-savvy than ever, it is more expensive to run a bath versus a shower, and shower-only bathrooms make more sense in terms of utilising the space,' explains Camilla Lesser, development manager at Essential Living.

'But in our experience as property specialists, not having the option of a bath can put potential buyers off the property full stop.' This is especially true for young families with children.

Bathroom with blonde wood and white metro wall tiling

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5. Bold or trendy design choices

While it can be fun to follow bathroom trends and experiment with bold or trendy design elements, this could actually work against your favour in the future.

'If you go overboard with personalized design choices in your bathroom, such as bright and bold tiles or an unusual colour scheme, you may limit your potential buyer pool,' warns Simon Boden, property sales expert at We Buy Any House.

'Many people prefer a neutral and classic bathroom design that they can easily customize themselves. If you're planning on selling your home in the near future, it's best to stick to classic, timeless designs.'

A dark navy ensuite bathroom with rectangular wall tiling, glass arch-shaped shower door, black metal heated towel rail with mustard yellow chevron patterned towel, circular mirror and white bathtub

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6. Cheap fixtures and finishes

'The bathroom is high traffic area within the home and failing to invest in quality, high specification brassware and fixtures can quickly age the space,' warns Paul Bailey, leader of product management at LIXIL EMENA and GROHE UK.

'As these touchpoints are essential to daily living, poor-quality finishes can have a greater impact than expected, with stained and tarnished hardware appearing quickly. Along with appearing worn, budget faucets and fittings can also become squeaky over time as the internal washers harden through water damage.'

White bathroom with large mirror over basin

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7. Insufficient storage space

We think bathroom storage ideas are definitely not something to cheap out on, so you might want to think twice before removing any important storage units.

'Removing storage space, such as cabinets or shelves, could make the bathroom less functional and less appealing to potential buyers,' says Simon Boden at We Buy Any House.

Painted Ikea spice racks used as mini shelves in a bathroom

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8. Poor layout

It's important to consider your bathroom ideas and how these can work in your bathroom layout. If even you find yourself struggling to see these ideas come to life, how much more for potential buyers?

Simon Boden at We Buy Any House says, 'If the bathroom layout is awkward or inefficient, it can be a major turn-off for buyers. For example, if the toilet is in a cramped space or if the sink is too far away from the mirror or if the toilet is positioned in a way that makes it difficult to close the bathroom door, it could be seen as a negative aspect of the home.'

white bathroom with large tiles

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So, it's worth keeping your eye on these bathroom mishaps if you're looking to put your home on the market in the future.

Did any of these surprise you?

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