Contemporary bathroom ideas – 10 of the best

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If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom, a contemporary design will create a fresh and beautiful environment for you to enjoy. A fresh and unique bathroom setting will improve your daily routine and lift your mood. Not to mention the value a sleek and modern bathroom will add to your house.

The bathroom is such an important room in the house to all of us, whether we’re single or part of a family, as it’s the one place many find a quiet few minutes away from busy everyday life, or where an invigorating shower can wake up mind and body.

So it’s important that the bathroom design is just right and suits your needs perfectly. There are so many modern ideas to choose from, that we just know your ideal style is out there, you just need to discover it. Modern bathrooms can range from spa-like and tranquil spaces, to functional bright areas and can reflect your personality as much as a bedroom or living room.

Choose from a range of ideas, hand picked by our editors, such as colourful vinyl floors that make light work of cleaning, or timeless and stylish black and white designs that will never go out of fashion. Use varied textures and simple architectural techniques, such as replacing shelves with barely-there moulding to display trinkets and create a striking theme that is completely your own.
If you don’t want to completely overhaul your bathroom, a simple update, such as a statement shower curtain or some well-placed plants, will give your bathroom the lift it needs to look fresh, clean and modern.

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