Who owns a bathroom like this?

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  • Is your bathroom a soothing sanctuary or an invigorating space

    Don’t dismiss the bathroom as just a functional space, there are plenty of ways to add personality. What would your bathroom reveal about you? (We’re not just talking about mis-matched undies!).

    The gardener with a country pile

    As passionate about the garden as the house, this person loves a little rustic country style. You’d find them scrubbing the mud from their finger nails with some organic, botanical soap. Vintage style comes as standard with this country look, note the bevelled mirror and metal basin. There’s no fuss and polish about it, so the shabby chic pedestal is all ditressed wood and paint work.
    A well as fresh, delicate florals, the hand painted plant designs on the tiles brings the outdoors in.

    A well travelled city dweller

    Think Santorini, Ibiza or a long weekend in Marrakech, the global prints of the rug and hamman style towels along with the fretwork mirrors and rustic wood furniture suggest a lover of travel and other cultures. Don’t be fooled by this boho-style though, the smart double sinks and neat metro tiles suggest it’s trendy boutique hotels all the way.

    A starlet on the scene

    There’s no avoiding this brilliant bit of bling, it’s quite literally dripping in gold! This person definitely likes to make a statement when they enter the room, but it’s not all brassy; the minimal, white backdrop makes this stunning bath and storage cabinet the stars, it’s all about picking the key, designer pieces.

    The understated arbiter of taste

    The blanket of midnight hue with the flash of steel suggests a serious yet stylish sort, probably the owner of a neatly stored and considered, staple wardrobe. However, the kitsch swan and flash of green suggests there’s more here than meets the eye…look out for a colourful sock beneath those tailored trousers!

    The secret dreamer

    The pastel shades and shabby chic furniture are unabashedly feminine. The pretty mirror collection, quirky flamingo wallpaper on the screen and painted floorboards give away the sense of wonder and imagination lies beneath.


    This person appreciates the classics and knows their design references (and probably a Greek tradgedy or two). With a sense of eccentricity and daring that allows them to create a striking modern renaissance in their bathroom with bold colour and pattern choices and key, stand out pieces.

    The bargain hunter

    An expert on Ebay and the master of tracking down a retro bargain, this eclectic style, pattern-loving magpie cherishes an original piece of mid-century furniture. Not shy of a craft project or two, they won’t waste anything they find on a renovation project, and they have an eye and the knack of rejuvenating a tired space into a warm, inviting home full of character (on a shoe string at that!).

    Chic boutique

    This person is calm and in control, especially when they are in the sanctuary of their totally zen space. But they only feel totally at peace when surrounded by the quiet luxuries in life; there is definitely a high thread count on their hotel style sheets, an expensive scented candle will be wafting through the house and the towels have to be quality. The neat, layered neutrals will always be in luxe textures and finishes.

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