I've found the fastest way to make a bed – and the method to avoid

This unavoidable chore just got a lot less frustrating

Burnt orange bedding in bedroom
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I know I'm not alone when I say that making a bed can singlehandedly take years off of my life when not done correctly – especially when you have to change your duvet cover. After years of frustration and giving up by just sitting on an unmade bed and a naked duvet after laundry day, I might've finally cracked the code for myself.

When it comes to how often you should change your bed sheets, we've long been told that once a week is best practice – but when your schedule is packed, you simply want to change your duvet cover quickly without all the faff. After trying 3 different methods side by side, this is the fastest way I've found that works for me.

Burnt orange bedding in bedroom

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How to put a duvet cover on – 3 methods

1. Just stuffing it

This method consists of simply stuffing your duvet inside your duvet cover until it's all in. Yep, that's it. This is the way I used to make my bed when I was a lot younger and it used to send me into cries of helplessness.

After timing myself, it took me 6 minutes to successfully stuff my duvet cover after having to climb inside it just to bring the corners of my duvet to the other end. This method is one that I would steer clear of. Trust me when I say there are more effective methods of putting a duvet cover on.

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2. The inside out trick

I learnt this method after watching my Mum make my bed when I was younger and since then adopted it as my go-to. It ended the prior years of stuffing frustration from my former method.

For this one, turn your duvet cover inside out and then shimmy your arms inside to find the two corners of the shorter side. Match those corners with the corners of the short side of your duvet, hold them, and then shake until the bedding covers the duvet. Simply button and then you're done.

This method took me 3 minutes and is one I'll always go back to.

white duvet cover set in bedroom with beige cushion and blankets

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3. The 'burrito roll' method

When I tell you this method blew my mind when I tried it. I didn't even know that this easy way to change a duvet cover existed all my life since I assumed the inside-out trick was enough. I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.

I learnt this trick from Lydia Lloyd, homeware textile designer at M&S Home. 'Lay your duvet cover inside out on the bed and place your duvet directly on top. Then roll the bed set cover and your duvet together towards the bottom of the bed and fold the corners of the cover over the rolled bedding. Finally, fasten the buttons of your cover and unroll your bedding, flip the duvet over so it's facing the correct way.'

I tried this method and it only took me just under 2 minutes. I couldn't believe that it worked the way that it did, but this way will definitely be a favourite of mine to keep practising and perfecting.

Marks and Spencer bedding set

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So after trying 3 different methods of making a bed (specifically putting a duvet cover on), the fastest way is the burrito roll method and the method I'll always avoid is simply stuffing it.

Which method is your go-to for making your bed?

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