Grey bedroom carpet ideas - 14 stylish ways to make grey flooring work

Stick to a neutral scheme with grey carpet that is simple to style up or down

Grey bedroom with dark walls and grey carpet.
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We know grey bedroom carpets can often be seen as boring and uninspiring, but this doesn't have to be the case. Sometimes a versatile and neutral bedroom scheme is best for relaxing, and by opting for a grounding flooring choice your room will be calming at its core.  

If you're looking for a fuss-free bedroom update, then grey carpet will also be a guaranteed choice for matching your furniture and decor, so you won't need to overhaul the whole room. 

Grey bedroom ideas are always growing in popularity as they're easy to match with the rest of your home and leave plenty of opportunity to add bursts of colour and pattern. There are a number of ways you can work in grey carpet to your bedroom, from light white-toned hues to deep, rich tones. A tonal look will also add dimension without overwhelming a room. 

'Carpets are synonymous with comfort which is why they are the most popular choice for flooring in the bedroom', says Jon Flannigan, Product Manager at carpet specialists Kersaint Cobb. 'People want to feel relaxed before they go to sleep or unwind, and the soft, neutral tones of grey are perfect for this because of its harmonious, calming qualities.'

Two twin beds with grey, white and blue bedding in front of dark grey feature wall and on top of soft grey carpet

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Grey bedroom carpet ideas

Whether you want to completely transform your bedroom's aesthetic or simply switch up the flooring to match your carefully chosen decor and furniture, a grey carpet can drastically improve the look of your space. Once you're happy with the results, why not expand the grey theme into grey carpet living room ideas?

1. Add a stripe

grey bedroom with grey carpet from Kersaint Cobb

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Stripes are becoming increasingly popular in bedroom interiors, particularly ticking stripes which offer a subtle statement. Grey is a great foundation for adding pattern and texture, as you can inject a bit of personality without overwhelming the room. 

Julian Downes, MD at Fibre, adds 'Use pattern and texture to enhance your design. You don’t always need colour to create points of interest.' This way, you can keep the rest of your bedroom decor neutral for a laid-back look or even contrast the carpet texture with other patterns in soft furnishings or even a wallpaper.

2. Opt for a flat weave

Grey bedroom with grey flat weave carpet

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While a plush bedroom carpet is generally seen as the ideal option, in a high-traffic area it's often best to go with a hardwearing flooring choice. Flat weave carpets aren't as soft on the feet, but you can easily elevate them with a fluffy rug placed right next to your bed. 

The benefit of flat weave, for example, materials such as sisal, is that they're less likely to wear down unevenly and as visibly, so your carpet will look newer for longer. 

'Typically viewed as a hardwearing option for stairs and hallways, sisal is becoming increasingly popular for all rooms in the home,' says Julian. 'It's also a natural, product which creates an organic, neutral look for the home. It offers the perfect aesthetic for those embracing a Scandinavian style.'

3. Go tonal

Grey bedroom with dark walls and grey carpet.

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With so many grey shades to choose from, a tonal look offers versatility and dimension in a bedroom. Bright colours aren't for everyone, so this way you can still vary a scheme while sticking to a neutral palette. 

'A tonal design which layers different shades of the same colour is particularly effective,; says Punam Chada, carpet buyer at Carpetright. 'Try and use darker shades for your flooring and bed to help ground your chosen scheme.'

Opting for darker walls, for example through wall panelling, is also a stylish way to elevate a grey bedroom carpet, creating a design inspired by hotel interiors. 

4. Pick as pale as possible

Grey and white bedroom with pale grey carpet.

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If you want to create a minimal bedroom aesthetic but want to avoid the perils of white, then a pale grey carpet could be a good choice. White bedrooms are great at creating a pared-back place to relax, but they can cause dirt to show up quickly which isn't ideal if you're trying to cut down time spent on a cleaning schedule.

Grey comes in many shades, so if you opt for a lighter tone then it will create the illusion of a simplistic design, while also covering up dust and dirt. 

'A pale carpet can really help make any room feel bigger.' adds Punam. If you have a small bedroom that you want to feel as spacious as possible, then a light grey theme will be the way to go.

5. Choose a chunky wool carpet for extra cosiness

Thick grey wool carpet with fluffy grey rug, bed with bedside table in front of brown wall

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A grey wool carpet is a wonderfully soft and luxurious option for the bedroom, and a sure way to make the space as cosy as possible.

'Wool is an excellent heat insulator which means it will help to keep your bedroom warm and cosy without using surplus energy', says Jon Flannigan from Kersaint Cobb. 'It is also very effective at absorbing noise which will allow you to keep your bedroom peaceful and quiet away from the rest of the house.'

Get clued up on how to care for wool carpets before you invest, but a chunky grey carpet could be a nice way to cosy up the bedroom in time for autumn. We'd advise to use home furnishing discount codes so you can get the most luxe version you want – without the large price tag.

6. A pastel grey carpet will create a serene setting

Soft grey carpet with darker grey bed and chunky throw

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Opt for lighter shades of grey to create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom via the carpet. 

'Warm muted greys, stone based colours and natural hues are perfect for creating a comforting environment in spaces where we want to relax', says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director of Little Greene. 'The use of warm neutrals and earthier tones, recreates the soothing properties of our natural surroundings.'

A pale grey carpet will naturally complement any other pastel tones you want to bring in via furnishings and accessories. Plus, a lighter carpet will be safe in the bedroom, where it's less likely to pick up dirt from shoes. 

7. Treat your feet to a textured carpet

Grey ribbed carpet with double bed and mustard yellow blanket, bedside table

(Image credit: Kersaint Cobb)

Carpets come in all variety of textures, and a neutral colour like grey can benefit from materials that create eye-catching designs like loop pile or coir. 

Choose a grey carpet that has a subtle ribbed or stripey effect, and this will work well at capturing any natural light in the room. Any carpets with a slightly raised effect will add a soft luxurious touch to the bedroom. 

8. Add a hero rug with contrasting trim

Grey carpet with large light grey rug and contrasting trim on top, wooden chair and wall prints on top of grey wall

(Image credit: Fibre)

A large rug can sit perfectly on top of a soft grey carpet to create a naturally eye-catching contrast.

Select a rug with a warm shade of grey and place it centrally to create a simple but elegant focal point in a bedroom. 'If you are choosing a rug in a pale tone of grey, you can add a contrasting darker trim to truly zone an area while elevating the tones and textures of the wool', says carpet expert Julian Downes. 

Working multiple shades of grey into the flooring will give the bedroom a classy look, while the rug will add texture and contribute to a cosier feel.

9. Choose a patterned carpet for a stylish twist

Grey patterned carpet with blue patterned bed, blue patterned wallpaper and white bedside table

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A patterned carpet can bring a fun element into the bedroom, and choosing one with neutral grey tones will maintain a classy aesthetic. 

Patterned carpet ideas look great in rooms with simple decor and minimal furniture, so choose one if you currently have a lot of free floor space in your bedroom. Bolder prints can look fabulous, but softer patterns are ideal for maintaining the bedroom's calm aesthetic. 

10. Group your carpet with natural materials

Double bed on top of grey carpet with wooden headboard and linen blankets

(Image credit: Kersaint Cobb)

Keep things light and airy by pairing a soft grey carpet with natural materials. Wooden furniture and linen decor pieces will sit beautifully on top of a pale grey carpet and help create a tranquil atmosphere in the room. 

'A greige carpet should be grouped with natural materials like linens and woods to complete a serene and welcoming ambience', advises a decorating expert from Neatsmith. This simple, rustic look borrows from the relaxed coastal grandma aesthetic, which is perfect for the bedroom.

11. Add a touch of glamour with a charcoal grey carpet

Dark grey carpet with red patterned rug and matching bedspread in front of red patterned wallpaper

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If you prefer moodier hues, a lush charcoal coloured carpet would be an ideal addition to any bedroom ideas

A gorgeous dark grey carpet would still complement neutral, simple tones, and actually would be the perfect balance to lighter pieces of decor and furniture. An off-white bed or dressing table would look beautiful grounded on top of a charcoal or slate grey carpet, and you could even bring in a pop of colour to highlight the floor's rich tones.

12. Use plants to embrace the natural feel of grey

Grey carpet with fuffly rug, pink chair and cushions next to freestanding potted plant in wicker basket

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Sitting a tall freestanding plant on top of a grey carpet can complete the floor's natural aesthetic, and bring in a complementary pop of botanical green.

'Plants are a simple but effective way to style a grey bedroom carpet', says the Fibre's Managing Director. 'They bring a fresh touch of green and look great with earthy toned accessories such as terracotta vases and pots. Incorporate enough to draw the eye but not enough to overpower an otherwise calming space.'

13. Layer your carpet with a brightly coloured rug

Grey carpet with blue rug and blue ottoman, fuscio bed and blue and pink bedding

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One of the best things about a grey carpet is its ability to pair so well with other colours and textures. A fluffy rug is a great accompaniment to a grey floor because it will add an element of visual interest, as well as more texture for cosiness. 

Julian says that 'a great way to add a focal point in the bedroom is to opt for a fitted carpet in a neutral grey and then layer a brightly coloured rug on top. These rugs can also be easily moved around to create a fresh look as and when it’s time for a room refresh.' Match your chosen colour of rug to other pieces of decor to create a nice accented theme in the room.

14. Try grey on top of grey

Grey carpetted floor with light grey patterned rug, in front of window and blue couch and next to bed with dark grey and patterned bedding

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There aren't many colours with which you could double up on the floor, but thanks to the wonderous versatility of grey, you could match a stylish grey rug with a fitted grey carpet underneath. 

Just have some sort of contrast between the two layers. A geometric pattern rug for example would look great on top of a pale grey floor, and create a natural focal point in the room. Place the rug in an area of free floor space, or underneath a dressing table or wardobe to naturally draw the eye.  

Continue the grey going upwards with the best grey paint for walls and match with the bedding. The possibilities of grey are endless!

What colours go well with grey carpet?

The beauty of a grey bedroom carpet is that it offers the freedom to incorporate almost any other colour of your choosing into the space.

'Grey pairs with so many colours as it offers a vast array of tones from deep charcoal to soft pale grey', says interior expert Julian Downes. 'Popular pairings in our experience are yellow, blues or pinks for a soft, warm scheme, but we also see combinations of deep and pale greys or grey with black and white for a timeless monochromatic scheme.'

'Bedrooms are an incredibly personal space', says Ruth from Little Greene. 'They are the perfect room for creating a sanctuary, a calming retreat for relaxation at the end of the day.' You can pick any colour you like and a neutral grey carpet will balance any brighter shades and warmer hues, so your bedroom can maintain an overall sense of calm.

How do you style a room with a grey carpet?

'A way to work out how to style a grey carpet is to think of the carpet as your 5th wall', says Jon Flannigan, carpet expert at Kersaint Cobb.

'Carpets and walls are the largest visual areas in any room, so consider your floor as your 5th wall and opt for colours in related shades for a harmonious look.' In the bedroom, grouping a grey carpet with other neutral shades will create soothing hues and a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Stick to this softer colour palette with larger pieces of furniture, as well as floor-length curtains and trailing blankets.

Alternatively, you can style your grey carpet with brighter colours to bring some visual variety into the bedroom. 'Tones of grey can sit alongside contrasting patterns or pops of colour', says Julian from Fibre. 'These can add depth and a richness of tone while maintaining a calm space.' Add a splash of colour with a shaggy rug and matching bedding to bring a fun twist into the room.

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