How to make a guest room look more expensive – 10 ways to instantly up the luxe levels

On a budget but want to revamp your spare room? We ask the experts how to make a guest room look more expensive

how to make a guest room look expensive, loft bedroom with twin beds, grey tongue and groove walls, stone tongue and groove ceiling, globes, crochet style rug, yellow throws
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We all want to make our guests feel at home when staying over, but we also don't mind making them a little envious in the process by using a few tricks to make a guest room look expensive.

It's about picking key pieces for your guest room ideas that will give you longevity and a thoughtful bedroom layout. Plus, remember, a lick of paint can do wonders for giving a scheme an expensive look, it's all down to the shades you choose. 

There are also the finer details to consider – these can be simple yet very effective, as Simon Temprell, interior design lead at Neptune shares:

'Freshly laundered towels are essential, but you could also add a bathrobe as most guests don’t bring one with them. A phone charger by the bed and access to electric sockets, or multi-plug extension lead if you are short on available outlets.  A water carafe with a drinking glass or bottled water. Niceties include a small jar of biscuits or sweets, a lavender linen spray, and a small vase of fresh flowers.'

How to make a guest room look more expensive 

With our experts advice, we show you below how to make a guest room look more expensive with budget tips and luxe looks.

1. Choose a rich colour

how to make a guest room look more expensive, green colour drenched bedroom with pale grey bedding and carpet, green rug, green throw and stool, artwork, plant

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Nothing speaks luxury than a rich bedroom colour scheme that's carefully chosen to enhance a room. And with the colour-drenching trend still very much alive it's the perfect opportunity to create an all-encompassing feel in your guest room. 

'Green is the colour of nature – giving it a natural affinity, making it perfect for a bedroom,' says Patrick O'Donnell, international brand ambassador, Farrow & Ball.

'There are many variations from nuanced neutrals with a hint of green through them, such as Bone, to modern, grey-inspired greens like Pigeon for a more contemporary look. Calke Green, a deep and earthy shade, makes for a compellingly chic appearance that is perfect for rooms filled with prints and pictures!'

When using a deeper shade remember to balance it out with some light tones, light grey is a good neutral to use with an intense green. 

headshot of Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell

Patrick O’Donnell has been bringing his impeccable eye for colour to Farrow & Ball since 2012. Over that time, he has been a Showroom Manager, Global Colour Consultancy Manager and now Brand Ambassador. However, he is best known as the much-loved face of Farrow & Ball on social media 

2. Invest in a statement bed

how to make a guest room look more expensive, white bedroom with green velvet upholstered bed, sideboard, white floorboards, grey rug, side table, stool, ochre throw

(Image credit:

Yes, beds can be an expensive investment, but a guest bed frame can be the perfect opportunity for buying second-hand furniture from places like Facebook Marketplace or friends might be updating their own beds and would be happy to gift their old one. 

Velvet upholstery is a good place to start as the tactile material oozes luxury, but if budget won't stretch then opt for a bright stand out colour instead. 

'A statement bed is a great way to make an impact, consider scale, colour and texture,' says Patricia Gibbons, design team, 'If your room is a neutral shade, opt for jewelled colours as they really pop against this backdrop. Complement with crips fresh linens, topped with complementary tones on the cushions and throws.'

3. Match your blinds to your cushions

how to make a guest room look more expensive, guest bedroom, single bed with matching blind and cushion, black iron bed with chest of drawers, nautical elements

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Cohesion is key when it comes to making a guest room look more expensive. Those details that make a room standout will give yours the edge. 

Matching your bedroom blind ideas to your cushions is one of those elements, if you love crafting then making it yourself will save costs – you don't need a complicated design, a simple hand-rolled blind finished with ribbons will look lovely. 

4. Layer prints and patterns

how to make a guest room look more expensive, apartment/hotel chic style bedroom in pastel pink, cream and pale grey, black side table and hanging pendants, cream carpet

(Image credit: ILIV)

If you're wondering how to make a guest room look more expensive with soft furnishings – the answer is to layer your prints and patterns, and it's something you can adopt with your current cushions and throws, it's about styling them right that's important.

'Elevate the sense of luxury by thoughtfully combining plain and patterned elements,' suggests Debbie Leigh, design manager, ILIV. 'When introducing bold patterns on upholstery, opt for plain cushions or choose a subdued fabric for the upholstery, allowing for a tasteful experiment with a harmonious blend of colours and patterns on scatter cushions.'

Debbie Leigh, ILIV
Debbie Leigh

Debbie is an expert in creating beautifully coordinated fabric collections that can be easily combined to create harmonious interior schemes. With more than 10 years of experience, she takes every design from conception right through to the finished textile - inspired by the latest trends and techniques from every continent.

5. Cover a headboard with bold fabric

how to make a guest room look more expensive, modern bedroom with white walls blue side table, blue and pink throws, bold abstract upholstered headboard, wooden floor

(Image credit: Future PLC)

A fabulously effective idea is to cover your guest room headboard with a colourful fabric. This DIY headboard idea means you can update a tired and tatty design with something that looks individual and eye-catching. All you need is a piece of fabric that's large enough and a staple gun, or you can make a slip cover that will have a looser fit. 

Once you've created your new cover link the colours together by choosing two or three core shades from your fabric, use these for your curtains or blinds, cushions and throws. 

6. Add texture to your walls

how to make a guest room look more expensive, small bedroom with textured wallpaper, grey bed, grey and pale blue bedding, small chest as side table, brass table lamp, cactus

(Image credit: Zulufish)

You know those leftover lengths of wallpaper that are sitting gathering dust? They will make a great focal point behind your guest bed and will definitely give the space a more expensive look, especially if they have a tactile look.

‘Textured wallpaper in a bedroom creates a wonderfully calming and cocooning feeling, which is very restful,' says Caroline Milns, head of interior design at Zulufish.

'Opt for colours that reflect nature such as deep blues and leafy greens, or soft neutrals for a truly soporific ambience. There is a plethora of textures available to choose from, from less expensive and yet still very evocative vinyl wallcoverings to truly luxurious grasscloths that have such a wonderful tactile appeal. If you have a limited budget, consider adding to just one wall which will ensure a sense of warmth and tactility without as much cost.’

headshot of Caroline Milns
Caroline Milns

Caroline has over 25 years of experience at the cutting edge of design and interiors. She began her career as a textile designer for Monkwell fabrics, before progressing to manage a team of designers for the John Lewis home design studio. In 2007, Caroline retrained as an interior designer, working for Helen Green and McVitty Interior Consultants on both residential and commercial projects, before launching the interiors arm of Zulufish in 2013.

7. Play with colour schemes

how to make a guest room look expensive, loft bedroom with twin beds, grey tongue and groove walls, stone tongue and groove ceiling, globes, crochet style rug, yellow throws

(Image credit: Future PLC)

A simple revamp that can update a scheme is to play with colours. Using more than one paint colour in your guest room can be money-saving especially if you already have some leftover shades from another room.

A darker shade on the walls will add depth and then lighten up with a contrasting colour on the ceiling. Add pops of colour with throws and rugs to pep it up – mustard is a really uplifting colour to choose in this way and if you have twin beds it will create a unified look that bright and cheerful.

8. Choose luxe style storage

how to make a guest room look more expensive, hotel style bedroom with upholstered button backed headboard, ottoman, velvet cushions, tray, side table with lamp

(Image credit: Willow & Hall)

Give your guests a hotel chic experience by offering up smart bedroom storage ideas for their stay. 

'Blanket boxes or ottomans are a great way to give an expensive look to a guest bedroom and also add in some much-needed storage space,' say Sarah Massouh, founder, Willow & Hall. 'Especially useful if your spare room is a little on the small side, offering the perfect place for guests to store their belongings.'

This doesn't always need to cost money either, often, we have pieces in other rooms in the house that aren't being fully used so consider having a rejig and re-purposing some storage options.

headshot Sarah Massouh
Sarah Massouh

Sarah Massouh is the founder & CEO of Willow & Hall, who specialise in beautiful British handmade and upholstered sofa beds. Sarah designs all the furniture herself which features a range of classic and contemporary sofa beds, sofas, armchairs, beds and more available in a range of over 150 fabrics. 

9. Pick a flooring that adds value

how to make a guest room look more expensive, blue and stone bedroom with blue carpet, stone artwork and throw, white bedding, white side table and lamp

(Image credit: Carpetright)

A new floor in your guest room will certainly give it an uplifting look and there's little that beats a plush carpet. Punam Chada, carpet buyer at Carpetright explains:

'Updating the flooring in your guest bedroom is a great way to give the space a fresh look and feel. Comfort is a top priority for guests, so opt for a flooring option that takes into account the function of the room.'

When budget is an issue, consider a rug. Punam adds, 'If you prefer a hard flooring surface but still want the warmth of a carpet, rugs come in various sizes and can be easily and inexpensively updated to refresh your guest room at a moments notice.'

10. Choose a pared back scheme

how to make a guest room look more expensive, bedroom with four poster bed, panelled walls, chest of drawers, floor lamp, artwork

(Image credit: Neptune)

We're great believers in the 'less is more' theory and that really can apply to your guest room philosophy too, and the best bit – it needn't break the bank. 

'A well-considered guest room should be free of accumulated clutter as nobody wants to feel like they’re sleeping in the storage room,' says Simon Temprell, interior design lead at Neptune. 'Clear some wardrobe space for hanging clothes and put coat hooks on the back of the door with hangers. 

Don’t skimp on the quality of the mattress or bedlinen and make sure the sheets and pillowcases are freshly laundered as dust will settle on them over time.'


How do I make my guest room feel luxurious

'To enhance the luxurious ambiance of a bedroom consider layering sumptuous soft furnishings, including bed linens, throws, cushions, and window treatments,' suggests Debbie Leigh, design manager, ILIV. 

'Choosing soft furnishings crafted from luxurious materials such as silk and velvet carries considerable influence over the room's overall ambiance, making them a particularly valuable investment.'

How do you make a guest room cosy on a budget

'Soft underfoot, carpet is the perfect way to create a cosy and luxurious atmosphere. It also offers practical benefits, such as sound absorption, to ensure that your guests get a good night’s sleep,' says Punam. 

If your guest room is small, then check out your local carpet suppliers for offcuts, often they have lengths that might be wrong for one room, but perfect for yours. 

Sumptuous throws and tactile cushions will also help to cosy up your guest room, supermarket collections have some fabulous designs at brilliant prices. 

Prepare for all the compliments that will be coming your way from happy guests.

Sophie Warren-Smith

Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 22 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time, both in-house and as a freelancer. On the side, as well as being the News Editor for indie magazine, 91, she trained to be a florist in 2019 and launched The Prettiest Posy where she curates beautiful flowers for modern weddings and events.