Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg's 'adventurous' dining chairs nail this season's biggest tactile trend

Count your days, boucle

Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg
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We'd be lying if we said Dianne Buswell hasn't been at the top of our interiors radar as of late. The Strictly Come Dancing star has long been a fan favourite for her talent and vibrant personality and we've recently learned that her knack for all things glam and fun is reflected in her home decor choices, too – her furry dining chairs commanding our attention.

As far as the most popular home decor trends go, the boucle furniture trend is one that we've seen continually gain speed – from sofas, armchairs, and even dining chairs. As the appetite for tactile interiors heightens, it's not just boucle taking centre stage but rather all sorts of cosy textures, and the furry chairs in Dianne and her partner Joe Sugg's open-plan modern dining room affirm the growing trend further.

'While faux fur throws, cushions, and rugs have been popular for some time, we are seeing its application extend to furniture, especially chairs,' begins Lucy Mather, design expert at Arighi Bianchi. 'Dianne's furry dining chairs are the perfect example of how you can be a bit more adventurous with this fabric.'

You can spot the statement chairs in all their glory in the second image of the professional dancer's Instagram post. Needless to say, we're in love. Lucy goes on to attribute the 'huge rise in people experimenting with texture in their interiors' to the growing desire to feel comforted and cocooned in our homes.

Laura Rich, project design lead and interiors expert at Furniturebox reveals that they've observed textured upholstery proving to be an 'increasingly popular choice for a few years now'. As expected, boucle still reigns supreme with searches for 'boucle dining chairs' up +50% in the last 12 months. However, she also notes that searches for 'fluffy dining chairs' are up +20% over the last year, too.

Round table with a wooden top and two chairs with fluffy covers with shelf unit in the background

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'The trend speaks to a collective side-step from the super sleek and minimalist interiors we were seeing everywhere a few years ago,' remarks Laura. 'People are embracing maximalism as a decor choice as a way to introduce more sumptuous and welcoming vibes, and as a way to showcase more of their personalities.'

Therefore, seeing as Dianne is known for her lively spirit, it's no wonder she's also championing this bold step up in the dining room chair scene that was formerly led by the likes of linen and leather.

This trend is something we've even seen other celebrities embracing in their homes, like Stacey Dooley's divisive yeti chairs, which has recently struck debate among fans.

Tetrad Fairy Chair

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Better yet, opting for a tactile dining chair as Dianne has is one of the easiest ways to make a dining room look more expensive, as it adds layers and visual interest to an otherwise boring or dated-looking scheme.

'Using texture in your home decor like this adds interest, depth and dimension, creating a dynamic space that engages your senses – something Dianne has done with flair,' affirms Laura. Especially when employed in a room that is traditionally quite flat and one-dimensional.

Lena Gierasinska, head of product and displays at Barker and Stonehouse explains this is because 'these tactile textures add characterful yet still feel chic and pared-back, making them wonderful additions to minimalist spaces as they juxtapose the unfussy decor without adding to visual noise'.

Padded bedstead and animal fleece in pale pink draped over chair in bedroom with bird pattern Roman blind and accent colour yellow tapestry on wall

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'We can all learn a few things from Dianne's interior decorating style,' concludes Lucy. 'She has cleverly layered lots of different materials – from the boucle sofas, and knitted cushions, to the faux fur chairs in her dining space. The reason that this works so well is a tonal colour palette. Everything works in harmony to create a really inviting space.'

So, while she's garnered fame through her captivating performances, it's undeniable that she's secured a rightful place on our radar as one of the celebrity homes to continually keep a close (and coveting) eye on.

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