This is the joyful Easter tablescaping trend that we’re seeing all over our social media feeds

The biggest Easter tablescaping trend we’re seeing all over social media ‘will bring a smile to your guests’ faces’

Easter bunny-shaped napkin table favours
(Image credit: Melissa Ritchie @littleterracedhouse)

Spring is finally here and Easter’s come early this year so there’s plenty to be excited about. With less than a week away, the holiday is just around the corner and we’re collating all of the last minute Easter tablescaping inspiration to wow our family and friends over the bank holiday weekend. And we’ll definitely be recreating the Easter tablescaping trend of napkin bunny table favours popping up all over our social media feeds.

It’s one of the prettiest, most fun and easiest Easter decorating ideas we’ve come across, shaping a fabric napkin with an egg nestled in the centre into a bunny. And everyone is doing it – from influencers like Melissa Ritchie of @littleterracedhouse to brands like George Home and the TV presenter and queen of hosting herself, Laura Jackson

And the best part is that anyone can do it and everyone can get involved, even the youngest members of the family. It doubles up as a fun activity and a pretty table decor that can be personalised to your style and theme, as well as to each of your guests.

Easter bunny-shaped napkin table favours

(Image credit: Melissa Ritchie @littleterracedhouse)

The Easter tablescaping trend 2024

‘Decorations make a table come to life and provide the perfect place to showcase some personality,’ says Rachael Kiss, marketing manager at Alliance Online

Creating your own personalised tablescape for Easter Sunday, which falls on the 31st March this year, is the perfect way to welcome the season and celebrate the occasion, whether you opt to craft an Easter-themed eggshell flower centrepiece, decorate an Easter tree or go for bunny-shaped napkin table favours. Or do all of them.

‘Napkins and tablecloths are perfect to spring into the Easter theme, but doing some DIY in making your own bunny napkin table favours provides that personal touch,’ Rachael says.

Rachel Fearnley of Rachel Fearnley Designs agrees, ‘Easter celebrations are a wonderful opportunity to be creative and to embrace the new season. A simple way to do this is to create Easter bunny napkins. These favours are a charming way to elevate your tablescape whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch or candle-lit supper.’

And this is what you’ll need to make them.

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What you’ll need

  • Fabric napkins
  • Eggs – either hard-boiled eggs or chocolate ones, depending on your preference
  • Ribbon or twine of your choice

Step-by-step guide

‘It’s a very quick and easy finishing touch to add to an Easter table and will bring a smile to guests’ faces,’ says Melissa of @littleterracedhouse. ‘I love anything that brings a little ‘surprise and delight’ which these bunny ear napkins definitely do.’ 

So with that in mind, let’s get to it. As previously mentioned (and as Melissa just said) this method is very easy, even easier than folding a napkin into a bow which was going viral over last Christmas. 

‘Before you start creating your table favours, it’s important to decide your tablescaping theme. Pastel, florals, stripes and gingham are go-to styles to achieve an Easter theme; although rustic and earthy tones would also work well. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to use colour in your tablescape - using your napkins is one of the easiest ways to do this,’ says Rachael of Alliance Online.

These are some of our favourite napkins that we’d be happy to make bunny-shaped Easter table favours out of.

‘To create the bunny, place the napkin on your table, if you are using a patterned napkin, have the patterned side facing down,’ Rachel Fearnley starts. 

‘Take one corner and fold it on the diagonal to create a triangle. Now with the point end of the triangle closest to you, roll the fabric up to form a “tube”. Bring both ends of the “tube” together and cross them over each other.’

Finally, tie with your choice of a ribbon or twine that best complements your tablescape and place either a hard-boiled egg or a chocolate egg in the centre.

Rachel adds, ‘There are different fun ways to personalise the bunny for each of your guests. To transform this into a place setting, write your guest’s name onto a small luggage label. Then attach the label to the top of the bunny’s ears.’

Alternatively or additionally, you can paint the hard-boiled eggs to reflect each of your guest’s style or personality, you could place a dried of fresh flower stem where the tie sits as Melissa has done and more.

The world is your oyster here really.

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