Flower plates are taking over spring tablescapes – these are the 6 worth buying

The best picks to bring a touch of spring to your table

Daisy Side Serving Plate
(Image credit: M&S)

While the weather is still looking rather grim outside, brands and influencers alike are populating our social media feeds with spring-themed tablescapes. These tables are blooming with floral designs, more often than not taking on the form of flower plates.

Flower-shaped tableware is the latest home decor trend that’s popped up on our radar – and it’s just right for the season ahead. Flower plates are equally perfect for mixing and matching with simpler crockery styles and for fully immersing in a floral theme. 

To help you nail the trend we’ve found 6 of the best styles available to shop now for you to choose from and impress guests with. And, just maybe summon proper spring weather along the way too!

San Raphael Wild Flower Plate 29 cm

(Image credit: Arket)

The best flower plates to buy now

Tablescaping is one of the joys of throwing a dinner party. And as spring is upon us, appropriately themed tablescapes are a must for these special occasions. And one of the best ways to inject some spring energy into your table arrangement is including flower-shaped tableware, which we first got a taste of earlier this year with the B&M flower bowls duping the cult Arket designs.

‘Statement plates are huge for 2024 and flower designs are leading the way on people’s must-have lists,’ says Lucy Mather, interior design expert at Arighi Bianchi. ‘There are lots of influences that are feeding into this trend. Spring looks and florals give a freshness to interiors and there are also new ways each year to add this design to our homes, including decorative plates.’

And these are 6 of the best flower plates that we think you should be decorating your dining table with.

Why should you buy flower plates?

Daisy Side Serving Plate

(Image credit: M&S)

‘Entertaining at home is still very much on people’s radar,’ notes Lucy. ‘So curating a statement tablescape is the perfect way to entertain at home whilst creating an experience.’

And few things are as statement as flower plates, which are also right on trend with the current kitsch bloomcore movement championed by the likes of Lily Allen.

‘There is also an element of kitsch to many of these designs which people love. It’s that comforting feeling of the familiar coming through in design trends,’ Lucy explains.

Stoneware serving plate

(Image credit: H&M Home)

‘There's a broader movement towards more eclectic and personalised table settings,' adds interior stylist Alex Stubbs from Flitch.

'People are increasingly interested in mixing and matching different styles and patterns to create unique and visually engaging tablescapes, and floral crockery provides an excellent opportunity for such experimentation.’

And for those partial to a biophilic design, flower plates are a wonderfully charming way to bring the outside in and on your dinner table.

San Raphael Wild Flower Plate 29 cm

(Image credit: Arket)

How to style a tablescape with flower plates

While going all out is certainly encouraged with this trend, keeping a sense of balance in mind is important in order to achieve the desired impact.

‘When styling a tablescape with flower plates, it's crucial to achieve a harmonious balance between the floral elements and other tableware and decor items. Start by selecting a theme or colour scheme,’ Alex advises.

‘This trend realty works when you go for maximum impact,' explains Lucy. 'A pastel palette, with bold designs, beautiful textures and layering of tableware works amazingly well.’

B&M Daisy dining collection

(Image credit: B&M)

It’s really mixing and matching along with layering which are the key to a successful tablescape using flower plates.

‘Mix and match different patterns and textures, pairing flower plates with solid-coloured pieces or complementary motifs to avoid overwhelming the floral design,’ suggests Alex.

‘Create visual interest through layering, incorporating placemats, chargers, and table runners for depth. Enhance the floral theme with accessories like centrepieces, napkin rings, or place card holders, ensuring not to overcrowd the table to maintain elegance.’

We need to throw a spring-themed dinner party asap – looking forward to your RSVP!

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