£5 IKEA picture ledge ideas: 5 alternative uses around the house including hallway storage

Savvy ideas also include genius bedside table ideas and home office storage

There's more to the famous Mosslanda IKEA picture ledge design than meets the eye. The simple, shelf-like ledges are designed for the purpose of displaying framed pictures and curios. However, as these genius IKEA picture ledge ideas prove, they can be so much more!

The creative team behind the scenes at IKEA are inspiring shoppers to think outside the box, with five alternative ways to use the iconic picture ledges. All of which, quite frankly are ingenious and budget-friendly  ideas well worth considering.

Oh how we love a money-saving IKEA hack to offer simple updates on best-selling basics, that anyone can do even those with a limited DIY and decorating ability.

By simply switching things up and adding decorative knobs here and there, the team has created new ways to use the famous picture ledges...

5 unexpected but brilliant IKEA picture ledge ideas

1. Hallway coat rack

IKEA hallway coat rack

(Image credit: IKEA)

Keep a hallway tidy with a smart storage solution. Use several upside-down picture ledge to create a hallway coat hanger. The top of the ledge provides a shelf for post and bits and bobs. While the simple addition of a few knobs or hooks, all sourced cheaply from IKEA, can act as coat hangers.

This cheap storage solution is ideal for small hallway ideas where space is limited.

2. Bespoke bedside table

IKEA picture ledge bedside table

(Image credit: IKEA)

Genius. Ticking SO many boxes, this bedside nightstand idea is a budget, space-saving creation of dreams.

Take two of the Mosslanda picture ledges, attach one to the walls as 'normal' then take the second and turn it upside down and position above the other. Affix this to the wall also, to form a small encapsulated space to keep nighttime essentials to hand – but not on show.

Mosslanda Picture ledges, £5 each, IKEA

IKEA picture ledge

(Image credit: IKEA)

To enhance the smart nightstand further add an LED strip light, to help shed subtle light on the contents. So you're not feeling around in the dark looking for your reading glasses etc.

3. Home office desk drawer

IKEA home office desk drawer

(Image credit: IKEA)

Got a makeshift home office desk? Add a makeshift desk draw to keep it free of clutter. Attach two picture ledges on their sides  to the underside of a desk. Leave enough with space in between for a storage box, to run along the ledge – to slide in the same way as a pull out draw would. (The IKEA team suggest left 23.5 cm).

To add further shelving simply slide in a sturdy piece of slim wood, as seen above. 

4. Vertical hallway storage

IKEA vertical hallway storage

(Image credit: IKEA)

Being smart with space is always a must for any room, especially in a small home where storage space is premium. Vertical storage helps to keep things streamlined – ideal for brollies and sporting equipment, rather than bulky alternatives in a small hallway idea.

When affixing to the wall turn the ledges facing inwards, so the lip of the design is not visible from a side view. Choose decorative knobs to attach at the top and bottom of each one. Then using a chosen string or even a colourful flex, securely intertwine around each one to create a fence-like effect.

5. Cute cat climbing wall

IKEA cat climbing wall

(Image credit: IKEA)

If you have the wall space and a cat you adore, why not give them the run the house! Quite literally, with this ingenious climbing wall creation. The team at IKEA have shown us how the picture ledges can be staggered on one wall to create a playground for feline friends.

IKEA cat climbing wall

(Image credit: IKEA)

Affix the picture ledges at various heights and distances on one wall, even line one with slithers of matting to provide a scratching surface. The team have even used wall brackets to dangle toys, to make the attraction more appealing. This is a great idea for house-bound cats especially. 

Which alternative IKEA picture ledge idea will you be using for your home? Whichever you choose, it's just nice to know it won't cost the earth to do.


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