Pillows: the options

Enjoy a great nights sleep with our expert guide to finding the right duvet and pillow for you

Pillow fillings are similar to duvets, but with added options. As such, here are a few things to consider before you make your next pillow purchase:

• Down and feather pillows mould round your neck and shoulders and give more choice in terms of firmness. It’s important to choose pillows with a high thread count casing, totherwise feathers can escape.

• Synthetic fillings are best for allergy sufferers and are easy to wash, making them a good choice for kids.

• Ergonomic/memort foam pillows shape themselves to your neck and head. Can be good for people suffering with neck problems.

• Latex pillows give firm support and are excellent for asthmatics as they don’t collect house dust.

• Greenfibres sells pillows made from natural materials, from kapok to millet husks – an eco-friendly option.

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