After years of using Facebook Marketplace, I just found out about this genius hack for getting the best deals and I’m shook

The top tip for shopping on Facebook Marketplace that I wish I knew sooner

A teal-painted dining room with a table and mismatched chairs
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I recently moved to a new, unfurnished home so most of my time is currently spent browsing furniture and homeware stores and secondhand reselling sites like Facebook Marketplace in the search of affordable home decor ideas.

So when the Instagram algorithm presented me with a reel sharing a secret hack to score the best finds on FB Marketplace, I was quick to tune in and find out what this secret sauce to how to use Facebook Marketplace to its full potential was.

Turns out, this buying secondhand furniture tip is a stroke of genius. But at the same time, it couldn’t be simpler. So much so that I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it and trying it sooner.

So whether you’re embracing Secondhand September or simply looking to bag a bargain on any reselling site, then you’ll want to know about this trick. Best believe, I’m not shopping secondhand again without doing this. 

What’s the Facebook Marketplace secret buying tip?

Cinema-style chairs against light blue-painted walls with a floor lamp and a clock

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So without further ado, what is this trick I speak of? Well, it all comes down to one simple question. If you’re already buying something from a seller, you should always ask them if they're selling anything else. 

This tip comes courtesy of LA-based content creator, model and avid Facebook Marketplace buyer Ethan Gaskill (@ethangaskill on Instagram). In his reel, he explains why this method is so effective.

‘One tip that I don’t see anybody talk about that’s so simple for finding the best things before anybody else is this. Once you’ve found a seller on Facebook Marketplace that you plan on buying from, simply ask them, “are you selling anything else?”. You would be shocked to know how many items these people have that they want to get rid of but just haven’t listed yet.’ 

A teal-painted dining room with a table and mismatched chairs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

What are the benefits of this? Let me explain as there are multiple.

Firstly, you’re going to get the first peek and the first pick of this seller’s unlisted items. Ethan describes his most recent experience as he was buying a set of chairs from a seller when popping the question. The lady then showed him a set of three designer pendant lights, which he instantly jumped at.

Which leads me to the second benefit – better prices. If you’re already buying something from someone, they are more likely to give you a better price. Or give you a good ‘bundle’ price. As Ethan goes to explain, he offered the seller $200 for all three pendants, when they sell new for $400 each. Talk about a bargain.

And lastly, Ethan shares the third reason for asking the seller if they’re getting rid of anything else, ‘Chances are if they’re selling one thing that you think is cool, they’re probably going to have other things that you also think are cool’. Makes sense to us!

a bathroom with a vintage mid-century dresser

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

I’m not the only one in the Ideal Home office who is now planning on practising this rule religiously going forward. 

Our Ecommerce Editor, Molly Cleary, agrees. ‘I moved into an unfurnished flat so I have used Facebook Marketplace a lot in the last year. My best find was a mid-century style desk for under £100, but it would've been so handy if I would have known the trick was to ask what else the seller had, in case there were any other great buys. I'll definitely be following that tip next time!’

Ideal Home’s Content Editor, Holly Cockburn, is already one step ahead of us though with a tip that’s a great starting point before you take the plunge and actually ask the seller THE question. ‘I'm an avid Facebook Marketplace fiend and have recently discovered the trick of exploring a seller's page. For example, if you love one item that someone is selling, you can click through to their market page and see everything else they have for sale. Chances are if you like one thing then you'll have similar taste, so it's a great way to try to bargain for a bundle of items.’

Now go get those amazing deals and awesome finds. What a perfect way to start Secondhand September. 

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