Everyone on social media is trying out this easy hack that turns an IKEA staple into a mirrored side table

Despite what trends say, we're so into it

White side table in living room
(Image credit: IKEA)

Think what you want, but mirrored tables are still having a moment and don't have to be so negatively perceived as a trend that will quickly date your home.

We know that when it comes to home decor trends, Gen Z considers and dubs anything overly 'luxe' as a 'cringe' interior trend, including mirrored furniture, however, we can't help but be a little bit obsessed with this genius IKEA hack that turns a flat-pack basic into a stylish home addition.

White side table in bedroom

(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA DIY mirrored table hack

If there's anything we can be sure about, it's that IKEA is pretty much synonymous with affordability. So, if there's any chance to elevate their best-selling basics by way of an easy DIY project, we're all ears.

White side table in living room

(Image credit: IKEA)

This hack is one that went viral on both Instagram and TikTok, namely by DIY enthusiasts Frank and Selli (@pinepins) who achieved a gorgeous mirrored table by simply sticking mirrored plexiglass onto the staple IKEA LACK side table using double-sided adhesive strips.

Their original hack was in German, however, after racking up millions of views, it made the rounds globally to others (irrespective of their DIY prowess) trying out the hack for themselves in their homes – and the end results are always gorgeous.


♬ original sound - <3

We think this mirrored side table look is a key staple to making a small living room look bigger, as the light will reflect onto the surface and open up the space.

In fact, we've even seen mirrored side tables go for over £100 by other retailers, so if you're after a budget decorating idea to get the high-end look for less and aren't opposed to getting crafty, this might just be the hack to consider.

After all, we know how much of a difference a gorgeous side table can make in elevating a living space by bringing an eye-catching piece of furniture into the mix – even more so if you want to make your living room look expensive.

And imagine the surprised reaction you'll get when you reveal to your guests that under all that mirrored plexiglass is a £12 IKEA buy.

I don't know about you, but you can sign us up.

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