This hack instantly elevates the look of £2 IKEA paper lampshades using this kitchen cupboard essential

And it's so easy to recreate

Assortment of paper lamps hanging from the ceiling
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Paper lamps are once again rising in popularity as the go-to lighting solution to instantly add a touch of warmth and cosiness to a space, making the rounds on our social media feeds through thrifted and designer finds.

When we think of the paper lighting trend, one icon undeniably always comes to mind: the classic IKEA REGOLIT pendant lampshade, which we guarantee you've seen in many living room lighting ideas given its delightful £2 price point. However, while it may be a budget-friendly solution, when put head to head against higher-end paper lamps on the market, IKEA's stark-white shade can look a little off.

Last year, we saw the hand-painted paper lampshade trend come to fruition as a creative way to customise paper lamps and elevate the look of the IKEA lighting classic. This year? We're staining our lampshades with tea to give them that lived-in look more reminiscent of the rice paper lamp's roots dating back to ancient China.

In an Instagram reel shared by retro homes enthusiast, Becky Lynne, she demonstrated how you can instantly update the look of your cheaper paper lampshades with some tea and a touch of spray paint at the base.

Rest assured, it's an easy DIY project to get stuck into that anyone of any DIY ability can achieve.

What you'll need

IKEA REGOLIT pendant lamp shade in neutral bedroom

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First, Becky disassembles the lamp and spray paints the legs with some matte black spray paint. For the shade, she brews up a cup of tea, lets it cool down, and then simply goes in with a paintbrush to stain the lampshade.

She does caution a word of warning that the lampshade can get a little flimsy during the painting process. Therefore, take extra care during this part to not accidentally puncture a hole into your new project.

Once everything is dry, simply reassemble, add a lightbulb and what you're left with is a gorgeous paper lamp that gives off that perfect warm glow.

Assortment of paper lamps hanging from the ceiling

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Better yet, it's not just us who are obsessed with this IKEA hack, but Instagram fans, too. Some of the comments of the video read, 'The tea dye. Game changer,' with another saying, 'Woah! It looks so good and makes the light so much cosier!'

Consider bringing it into your boudoir as a cosy bedroom lighting idea, or anywhere in your home to make for an inviting atmosphere. If you do this with your IKEA paper lampshade, it's a surefire way to make a £2 purchase instantly look like high-end or vintage decor.

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