'I see everything as home decor' – 3 genius ways to upcycle the most unlikely everyday objects

We only wish we had thought of these sooner

Pink dresser drawers, potted plants, candles, misc home decor, hanging art work
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If there's something that social media, namely, TikTok is certainly known for, it's showcasing all the creative and wonderful home decor trends sweeping the internet. 

However, there's one influencer in particular who has caught our eye for her DIY prowess, and her ability to see everything (and we mean everything) as a new home decor opportunity.

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3 unlikely objects you can turn into home decor

Thrifty DIY pro and home decor enthusiast, Annika Hinds, behind @blondesigns on TikTok posted a video that has racked up over 13 million views and counting with over 2 million likes, causing quite a stir of pleasant surprise from fans globally.

The text on the video reads, 'POV: you never use things for their purpose', showcasing only a handful of Annika's (supposedly) easy DIY projects to repurpose the most unlikely objects into interior eye candy, from pool noodles, napkin holders, to LEGO toy boxes.

Annika captions the TikTok, 'I see everything as home decor.' Let's just say, she's nailed what it means to upcycle your furniture.


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We have to admit, we're a little obsessed with all these upcycling ideas and just like a comment reads, 'I wish my brain did this.'

So, let's talk about a handful of these genius DIY ideas and how you can achieve them yourself with a little (or a lot of) determination.

Pink dresser drawers, potted plants, candles, misc home decor, hanging art work

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

1. Pool noodle bench

Who would've known that a pool noodle could be used in home decor? Annika shows you can make your own tufted bench that could potentially save you hundreds compared to buying one new.


♬ original sound - Annika Hinds

She uses pool noodles, some plywood, and velvet fabric. By the end of the DIY, her end result is practically identical to a store-bought alternative. She reveals that she only spent around $30 (that's around £24) whereas the original was just under $500!

Comments on this video read, 'DIY done right! I was a little concerned when pool noodles came into play, but you killed it!' And we agree.

2. Napkin holders turned shelves

If DIY is not really your forte, there's also another hack she shows using metal napkin holders she found at the equivalent of our Poundshop.

Instead of using them for their original purpose, she mounts them on her wall to hold her collection of records and it looks oh-so-stylish. It's certainly a way to elevate your living room wall decor ideas and we only wish we had thought of this sooner.


♬ original sound - Annika Hinds

The best thing about it is you don't have to keep them silver, but you can also spray-paint them in different colours or wrap coloured yarn around them to match your living room or bedroom colour scheme. It's a win-win.

3. LEGO shelf

Following our obsession with the LEGO flowers trend, you know we were all ears when we saw this LEGO shelf hack come into play.

If you're currently on a mission to declutter your children's room and have come across old toy storage boxes you're planning to donate, consider holding onto them for a second.


♬ original sound - Annika Hinds

If you've got leftover spray paint, this might just be a paint idea to consider, especially if you're quite the self-proclaimed maximalist and enjoy a playful motif in your home.

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Of course, we've also got our eye on the other hacks Annika showcased in her video (we didn't forget about you, mushroom stool), but we just wanted to call out a few to get you on the track to potentially unleashing your inner creative in a way that feels a little more attainable.

Her TikTok page is filled with all these genius upcycling hacks, so if you're ever in need of some home inspo, consider her another source to tune into to get inspired.

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